Song Book changes - the 'real' reason behind them - EYE OPENING

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  • EndofMysteries

    WO HO HOOOOO, song 125 "Loyally submitting to theocratic order". So I guess New World and New Order are gone, but 'theocratic order' is in now. But it gets better, I just love this verse, the beginning of the 2nd line

    " God provides his steward and his active force. These will ever guide us in our christian coarse. "

    WHAT THE HECK?!!? So it's not Jesus and the holy spirit, it's the GB and holy spirit huh? I'm dissecting this book, in addition to all the lies the WT has been pushing, and this stuff, I don't know how any of my family will be able to sit back and ignore this.

  • EndofMysteries

    My last message, old song was number 8, new one is number 125. Original song 2nd verse had "Jesus Christ our Leader is in full control. and the 3rd verse said THEN we have God's steward and his active force. They completely cut Jesus out of the picture in the new book.

  • EndofMysteries

    Song 2 new / 212 old - thanking for brotherhood where companions good and true is cut out.

    Song 3 / 35old - "en tho we had faith and knowledge, gifts of tongues and prophecy" have been removed and the scripture 1 Cor 13 whole chapter changed to 1 John 4:7, 8 - I guess the truth of the bible about gifts of tongues and prophesy, etc, and draws the person attention to 1 cor 13:10 they may question if the restoration has happened yet or not.

    BIG ONE!!! song 4/ old 37 - Old 37 was all positive and about defending "God's Word". The NEW one, is more about if we seek a name for ourselves then we loose Jehovah's favor, but the biggest change is, from "his Word defend" to "his truth defend". - so not defending the bible, but the truth, and what is everyone taught the truth is and who it comes from??????

    BIG ONE!!! song 5/ old 205 - biggest change I noticed was "To all those who his message HEARD", changed to "to all those who FOLLOWED as his faithful sheep". few other changes but thats biggest. It gets BIGGER, the song was written based on 1 peter 2:21 which is COMPLETELY REMOVED, not even in the small notes below. The new one is Romans 5:8. Now I thought to myself, WHY remove the whole scripture trace to the song? Well as you notice they put the word sheep in the new song and if somebody was to read "1 Pet 2:25 - For you were like sheep, going astray, but now you ahve returned to the shepard and overseer of your souls" The fact they removed the scripture is why I really checked the whole context. The context is showing JESUS is the shepard and prior to going to him, your being lead astray. IS there any doubt they are trying to hide bible truths now????? It can't even be unintentional. I'm only on song #5, JEEZ all these notes already. continuing next post....

  • JustHuman14

    Sh*t...they are incredible...I do reacall the old song book. (the one they print in 60's)Most of the songs I can tell they were good. As I read from they removed most of the old songs!!!





  • EndofMysteries

    6/ old 88 - All parts about serving Jehovah impartially are removed, as well as the scripture the song was based on James 3:17 completely wiped out. James 3:17 and it's context shows the wise and understanding would be proved through their WORKS of mildness and then in james 3:17 the rest. If one does not have this, it is demonic. This scripture vs the record of the faithful slave obviously had to be erased and replaced with Ephe 6:18, which has NOTHING to do with the song at all. Makes no sense.

    8 / old 87 - Lord's evening meal - completely removed the line about the bread standing for Jesus body and the wine as his blood which redeems mankind.

    9 / old 100 Laud Jehovah our God - originally based Jer 33:11 and put in the background to now Ps 145:12. In the song itself mention of Christ now ruling as king is removed among most of the song chopped up to nothing. If you read Jer 33:11 and the context, probably one of those scriptures if reading before and after that gets people thinking.

    WOW the first song that is UNCHANGED and 3 LINES too! Song 10 / old 204 - Here I am! Send me! - the scripture is unchanged too. This proves the changes are not to make it shorter, but each change is to change doctrine. The first untouched fully original song.

  • EndofMysteries

    I'm jumping ahead over 100 songs from being in order, but this one is BIG TOO, and couldn't resist.

    New 116 was old 111 - The Light Gets Brighter - the old one didn't speak of the slave but admitted the light could be wrong because of imperfection but also not to doubt it. The NEW ONE removed all trace of anything ever being wrong, and added this nice line, "Our Lord has appointed a trust-worthy slave, through whom he gives food in due season." O yea, I don't know about everyone else, but the rich food of reenforcing GB and needed GB food EVERY MEETING is very timely and becomingly increasingly hard to endure.

  • cantleave

    Great analysis EndofMysteries, Nugget and I noticed some of these when we got the new song book, but gave up comparing because our brains were trurning to sponge.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I am so glad I dont have a new or old song book to make these comparisons... it really no longer matters to me. I think that is progress.

    I can no longer remember the lyrics to the old songs or their "melodies" (gag).... progress.

    Snakes (Rich )

    ps...however, these changes are very interesting and just emphasizes the cultishness of this bunch of idiots...

  • EndofMysteries

    11 / old 51 - the only noticeable change is old song line was "Your slave, so faithful and discreet, helps us know what is wise and meet." has been changed to "Your slave, your steward HERE ON EARTH, proclaims your greatness and your worth"

    13 old 45 - 3 line 2 page song, WHOLE THING THERE cept one line which was changed :) Old line..."Your house is holy, your Word is our guide. And with your goodness we'll be satisfied". NEW verse "teach us to know you; your Word is our guide. HERE in your temple, we wish to reside" - they gave him credit for the bible, but had to take credit for the KH being the temple, even though the temple was destroyed after Jesus death was it not?

    Ok I'm tired, will continue, any can feel free to help out. I got over 100 to go lol.

  • EndofMysteries

    I'm still there and keeping a watchful eye, for the benefit of others. Also the major changes going on right now, are not slow enough or subtle enough, so with this record I'm building up, just the past year or 2, can help some of my family.

    The true danger that is going on, I don't know if anybody is being too cautious or overdoing and limiting themself, but based on the bible, when leads to judging others and also not putting faith in God and his word, etc, they seem to carry hard judgements, so those who actually believe in the bible and God, the ones supposedly trying to be follow the closest may be dooming themselves. They don't realize that that is exactly what ancient Israel did. Were they rejected because they weren't following the law? They were not only following it, but being hypocritical and overdoing it, etc.

    Anyway, there is a reason this is happening, it's in the bible, it's foretold, and no way around it. Just hoping if it carries a harsh/unforgiveable punishment can help my fam before it's too late.

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