Song Book changes - the 'real' reason behind them - EYE OPENING

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  • EndofMysteries

    It's very interesting comparing things that are removed. For one, New World Order and New World, New Order, all being eliminated from everything. Just research NWO, "New World Order", etc, to see.

    Song 174 and 43 - Stay Awake, Stand Firm, Grow Mighty. - The first verse is speaking of battle, warfare, etc, and completely changed. The SECOND VERSE.......HUGE!!! Old book - "In his place each one be heeding, what Christ Jesus has to say" - NEW ONE -> "Stay alert to Christ's direction, Through his faithful slave today, heed the counsel of the older men"

    EVERY REMOVAL or change in song, has been done for a specific reason. Make this thread listing all the important changes.

  • awildflower

    Unbelievable! Subliminal messages!

  • EndofMysteries

    O and when I said to research NWO or New world order, etc, you'll see on google what all of that is linked to. Which is probably why trying to remove all trace of it.

    But yea, something is going on, because there is a major major control push going on, and with the song book getting people to sing about supporting the faithful slave. Funny how Jesus was removed from songbook a long time ago and no songs bout him, was strictly Jehovah, now all of a sudden its okay to sing praises for the GB?

  • EndofMysteries

    MAKE THE TRUTH YOUR OWN - "Christ Jesus has taught us the VALUE IN GIVING" has been removed. - I guess since giving is looked down upon? And replaced with "Heed the advice, that Jehovah is giving, BELIEVE what he tells you is true". - Now that advice I AM taking, with the holy spirit I've been getting, but their intent I'm sure in that verse is to believe what THEY tell you.

    Next, removed putting God first and praising REPLACE with doing more field service.

    Looking out for Satan and our weakness all removed and REPLACEd with heeding Jehovahs direction and counsel.

    The end of the songs all removed and replaced with very generic "Make it live, yes, make it real".

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Interesting stuff.

  • EndofMysteries

    Lifewithout End Atlast - only change is really the "man and beast, living in peace" verse removed. - This could be a truth or a coincidence, since nowhere in the bible does it teach about animals being tame and at peace with man. The scripture used for that, is actually symbolic, in that wolves and sheep (spiritually) residing together and a mere boy as the shepard (other books not cannonized point to that living up to 100 years old is like a child from those prior to Jesus time, and especially back to great flood time, OR this could also mean spirtual BABES, the blind leading the blind) It's interesting they removed that verse, no idea why.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I should have known better than to browse this thread--now those "melodies," are ringing in my head!

  • EndofMysteries

    Yea Mickey, I caught on real quick. If looking at all the WT's from the past year, the ones for the public preaching, none talk about the faithful slave, 1914, etc. Yet the faithful slave is constantly pushed, as well as annointed, etc, in the study articles. It's like show people bible truths, then once in, they get the obey the slave programming.

    I wonder what's really in the hearts of those in the GB. What do they really believe. Are they at all fearful that God IS making them accountable for the millions of lives they are affecting.

  • VoidEater

    NEW ONE -> "Stay alert to Christ's direction, Through his faithful slave today

    My gag reflex kicked in. Quite literally.


    OK...the rant over in this corner:

    I only know the Kingdom Melodies from the 60's, Singing and Accompanying Yourselves with Music in Your Hearts. When that 80's book came out, I was well checked out and didn't bother paying attention.

    Ah...Move ahead, move ahead...If you keep your eyes on the prize...All these things his goodness prove... -nothing like the classics...

  • moshe

    Only the WT has new light on it's songs, changes, changes and nobody cares. Why there would be a riot in the Baptist church, if somebody tried to change the words to the "Victory in Jesus" song.

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