Are There Certain Posters You Trust Here?

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  • AllTimeJeff

    Eliza Cook: "Who would not rather trust and be deceived?"

    Elizabeth Gilbert: "The inability to open up to hope is what blocks trust, and blocked trust is the reason for blighted dreams."

    Frank Crane: "You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don't trust enough."

    Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Our distrust is very expensive."

    Samuel Johnson: "It is better to suffer wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust."

    There is a price to be paid for saying "Never again." As if former JW's are the only people in the world who have ever been tricked or lied to. It is a greater act of faith to trust that there are good people in the world, and that it is good for us to believe this, then to put faith in an invisible god.

    I am not saying that we should be naive, gullible, or foolish. We can use our experience. But if we trust no one, we sentence ourselves into our own prison.

    This may or may not have anything to do with an internet forum. But to me, it is an interesting thought...

  • free2think

    I trust the ones i have met in RL as well as the ones i've either spoken to or messaged on facebook.

  • Priest73

    Hey! Ive spoken to you!!!!

  • free2think

    Then i trust you! :) Also coz your cute ;)

  • creativhoney

    Ive spoken to you too. am I cute? :P

  • free2think

    hehehe yes you are HOT! Just not my type :P

  • hubert

    Happehanna, this should be in a separate post by itself. It shows you that you CAN overcome practically any disability, or situation, if you put your mind to it.

    Thanks for posting this. I went to a concert that was performed by an armless fellow, and seen for myself how one can overcome almost any situation. His name is Tony Melendez. He is a spiritual singer, and plays the guitar with his feet.


    I can't get a link to come up.

  • mouthy

    Lifestoshort ////What a nice thing to say

    Thanks to you for trusting me....(((((HUG))))

    Happhanna I hope I never complain again What a man

  • Balsam

    Trust must be earned, it is as simple as that.

  • Lillith26

    I have met some really great people on this board, some I now have as FB friends and some I email.... having said that, I try to give everyone the benifit of the doubt, and do withold my personal contact details untill I have had time to "get to know" who I am talking too......

    But I have no reason to withold my name... my pic is already on the board... I have nothing to hide... I came here to be myself and REAL...


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