Are There Certain Posters You Trust Here?

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Flipper, I was reviewing your file with Charlie Tuner the other day, and we decided that you DO seem to be the trusting type.

    Peace in, NN

  • mouthy

    I do think you over react at times. You need to be less on the draw and use your wisdom in handling things.

    I will try to apply in future

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    ROFL, min you sound like an elder giving counsel.

  • flipper

    NATHAN- Hey thanks ! LOL! Since exiting the WT cult 6 years ago, as a dolphin, I've learned how to swim with sharks, tuna, spiny dogfish, swordfish, and groupies, er, groupers ! LOL ! We get all kinds here on the board , I try to adapt to em' all. Everybody has their story. Most are shooting straight, and are believable, there are occasional BS people, but I don't sweat them , they usually end up outing themselves anyway. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • zarco
    I try my best to present matters honestly and logically (and so I take pains to cite the evidence for my claims, even if it makes my posts long and dense) but I do have my own perspective, as does any interpreter or scholar in a field of study.

    Leolaia -Your point about using our own discernment was "spot on". The point above is why you are special to the this board, you are humble and smart. I don't think your posts are long and dense. For many witnesses, researching a subject means checking the WT CD-ROM. In the past, I did the same. When you cite evidence and sources, you really teach people how to research and use our/their power of discernment. That may be the greatest gift of all.


  • minimus

    Good example, Sister Grace.

  • mouthy

    Thank you Brother Mini(((( slinks out of the Kingdum Hall feeling the Brother patted me on the back)

    WHEW! Thank JaH

  • palmtree67

    When I first posted here last April, I found everyone to be cautious, but not untrusting. I learned later that you all had reason to be cautious.

    But in light of the recent "fakers" that have popped up, we're getting distrustful of newcomers. It's too bad, but understandable.

    I hope newbies don't feel they have to tell everything right away to be trusted.

    But all in all, I think everyone here is still pretty welcoming!!

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    If I sent you a FB invitation by PM here or invitation from FB itself, I trust you. PM me if you want to be my friend on there:)

  • dgp

    At some point I will stop saying that I am not a JW and never was (and never will be). For that reason, quite often I miss out on what you say, or feel that I say things you will all find hurtful or mean. I have something to say here, and hope no one will feel hurt. I do not mean to hurt you people, but perhaps to offer a perspective.

    As many other people around the world, I am a member of more than one forum. I have made several friends in several of them. We all had our reservations about sharing with each other, but a few months later we were able to trust each other very much. I am in frequent and direct contact with many of the friends I have made this way. Some of them, I consider truer friends than other people I have had the pleasure to meet face to face. In those fora, I have received e-mail messages from very odd people, but no one tried to deceive me the way Angel Eyes tried to do. I find that there is serious mistrust in this forum, of the sort I haven't found outside. Perhaps I trust people too soon. I understand that some of you have very, very, very, very much to lose if your personal identities were revealed. I know that, and deeply regret it. But I believe that, in a way, the Watchtower should not have any hold over you here. Maybe this is much to expect. Maybe I can't fully understand. But I very much regret the sense of mistrust.

    Maybe I should just shut up. I myself have to be careful, in a way. I came here looking for information about a woman I love, or loved, I don't know. Some of you contributed to my post. I am sure she would not forgive me if she knew I am posting here. So, I keep my own identity in secret.

    This is a proof of how the Watchtower takes away the best in people.

    I do not mean to hurt any of you. It's perhaps only my sadness.

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