Are There Certain Posters You Trust Here?

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  • minimus

    Mouthy, I wasn't thinking of you at all.

  • minimus

    I do think you over react at times. You need to be less on the draw and use your wisdom in handling things.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    There are a number of folks here with whom I feel a camaraderie on various levels and whom I trust. I think they know who they are. I've been here for eight years now, and miss some of my old friends, but remind myself that "if you love something, let it go..."

    Those who don't know me don't know what they're missing.

    It is curious to realize that they don't necessarily feel the same way about me, but I was raised a Dub, and I learned to live on unequal terms with others a LONG time ago.

    So I will continue to be who I am, which is all I can do, though I may softly weep myself to sleep more frequently.

  • BabaYaga

    Mini, GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!!

  • Son of Man
    Son of Man

    Trust only in that which can be cautious as serpents, yet innocent as doves.

    I truth that no one can harm me on here so I am open to say whatever it is I say

    Stevie Wonder aka: Estephan

  • Leolaia

    zarco....Well everyone is biased in their own way; that's a human truth. I would say that trust should lie with your powers of discernment, but even that can fall short at times. I try my best to present matters honestly and logically (and so I take pains to cite the evidence for my claims, even if it makes my posts long and dense) but I do have my own perspective, as does any interpreter or scholar in a field of study. What I hope to share sometimes is a different way of looking at things that may provide a much better explanation than ones previously given, providing a more satisfactory account of the available evidence. But it is never the "final say" and I hope that at least occasionally I might inspire someone to take a look at a given subject and come to their own conclusions. That's a positive step beyond the kind of "believe what we say" thinking that the Watchtower Society demands.

  • minimus

    Nathan, you quickly helped me learn "trust". I decided to trust you and work behind the scenes to expose the elder's Pay Attention book.

  • minimus

    Estephan, I trust you are not t.f.d.s.

  • flipper

    I trust a number of people here on the board. Many I have talked with on the phone. ON The Way Out , Sammielee & Wife, Big Tex, Dagney, Life is Too Short, Mrs. Jones & her husband, Kudra, Spectre, Joshnaz, Butterflyleia, Isaac Austin, Awakened at Gilead, Joe & Barbara Anderson, Aude Sapere, Jamie Bowers, Cognac, Daklighter, Eliveleth, Ldrnomo & wife Where Was I, Farkel, Flying High Now, Grace ( mouthy ), Gopher, Hope 4 Others & Caliber, JK 666, AK Jeff, Lady Liberty & Black Pearl, Compound Complex, No More Guilt, Ohio Cowboy, Pec & Barbie Doll, Restrangled, Shopaholic, Snakes in the Tower, Snowbird, White Dove, & Who Knows. These are among some I've talked to and or E-mailed and have a very good feeling about. And if I forgot anybody- you too as well ! I've made lots of friends here who are decent people and I trust they are shooting straight for sure. And for those of you who listed me as someone you trust- I appreciate it- I will continue to earn and live up to that trust, thank you. I am a straight shooter, no BS. But try to do it in a palatable manner

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Yes, Min, I was just reviewing your file the other day with Ted Jackaz and recalled how effectively we worked together.

    OOPS! Perhaps I've said too much...

    UADNA uber alles!

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