Are There Certain Posters You Trust Here?

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  • minimus

    I've been on this site for a number of years now. I don't easily trust just anybody. Having said that, there are a few persons here that know my real identity and I'm comfortable with them.

    Are there certain posters that you trust here?

  • zarco

    Of course. Some you can trust by the intellectual honesty of their posts. Leolaia would be a good example. She doesn't have an agenda or bias that I can detect. Her posts are well thought out and actually teach something new or at least a new perspective. Such a thoughtful, honest approach over time results in trust. Narkissos similarly presents a new way at looking at an issue that for many we would not have even considered on our own. The side benefit of the posts by Leolaia and Narkissos is it teaches others how to conduct and present solid research.

    There are others, AuldSoul and AlanF, who also presented (past tense because I have not read much from them lately) arguments in a thoughtful fashion. They had a profound influence on me.

    Recently, we have been touched by the experiences of many and have reached out to certain individuals on the "board" and will likely build lasting friendships with such ones.


  • jookbeard

    every one can trust me

  • mouthy

    I am sorry I dont trust anyone....

    In my 82 years I have been stabbed to many
    times by those who I thought I could trust.

  • minimus

    I can appreciate that, Mouthy.

  • zarco

    Mr. Flipper does some really good work on this forum. He has said some things to people that I care deeply about that came from his heart. The logic and emotion of his words come through loud and clear. He is a “keeper”.


  • minimus

    I trust Simon. I believe he would never reveal confidential information he has about the posters.

    Dave (Seven), knows me. Big Tex is a person who I believe is quite genuine. I've met Blondie and her husband Irreverent. Sweet people. A few years ago we met up with some wonderful folks at an apostofest in New Hampshire. It was very comfortable. Hochimin, a poster, is a very good friend of mine.

    For the most part, most of our posters seem quite nice.

  • AllTimeJeff

    I agree that most of our posters are nice, and I generally trust what they have to say. Anyone who has been in JW's can generally pass the "sniff" test... Hey, by trusting what I read on the internet, and on forums like this, it helped me to leave the cult!

    I have met (on Ronnie's board) a few apostates, did one get together and had a ball.....

    Having said that, what was it that Reagan told Gorbacehv? "Trust, but verify."

    I think there is a difference between giving factual information on here, and letting certain things be known about you, pictures, names, etc... I have been burned once by meetups via the internet, so common sense and caution are always appropriate.

    I am up for some apostafests, (finally) after 3 years of distance between my old JW life. It's best to get to know people in person if you can. But this forum is good for that too, esp if you "trust, but verify..."

  • leavingwt

    I know three posters on here, personally, in real life.

    There are a number of others that I know via email/Internet that I do trust.

  • minimus

    Sometimes, "the ring of truth" doesn't seem apparent. At times, a poster just seems like they're deceptive or at least questionable. The vast majority here are not like that.

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