Are There Certain Posters You Trust Here?

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  • Finally-Free

    There are different levels of trust. I trust most posters to post information that is accurate from their perspective. I'm sure the majority do not have an agenda. I trust most people in my real life to do what they think is best. Unfortunately, that's a big concern for me.

    Example: My mother had a legal document, will, and P/A granting me sole authority for her health care and funeral arrangements. Even though I was an "apostate" she knew I would honour her wishes even if I didn't agree with them. She despised everything Catholic, and was afraid of my sister imposing a Catholic service at her funeral. When she died 3 years ago I was involved in an accident on the highway when going to the funeral home to make arrangements. While I was delayed with the accident my very Catholic sister arranged to have a huge crucifix beside my mom's casket, as well as arranging for a Catholic priest to perform a service at the funeral home and gravesite. I finally got to the funeral home late, but no one told me these arrangements were made. I didn't find out until the viewing at the funeral home the next day. Overtired, distraught from my mom's death, and banged up from the accident I was too drained to make a scene in the funeral home in front of so many people.

    My sister was aware of our mothers wishes, and deliberately disrespected them. I'd be a fool to think she'd ever respect mine. I cringe when I think of what might happen to me or my assets should I become incapacitated even temporarily.

    I've strayed off topic a bit, but there's a point to it. If I can't trust the people closest to me, how can I trust people on a discussion board?


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Yes. When I first came here I was paranoid and trusted no one, thanks to a lifetime of being conditioned to believe that the only people you can trust are jehovah's people.

    Whilst I still exercise caution about what I share with who, I feel I am able to trust a number of people here. I met up with quite a number for the first time this week. It's a great next step from meeting online. Of course, we have our share of trolls and psychos here but they invariably show their true colours at some point.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    I trust quite a few here.

    NVRGNBK hasn't posted for awhile, but I really trusted him. I trust Flipper. I turst JWFacts. Plus a bunch more. I'll need to think about it for a minute. I'm not great with names.

    The Oracle

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  • minimus

    I don't trust overly emotional types, even in real life. You never know if they'll flip out and then apologize later when it's too late.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    Hey Min,

    who would you classify as an overly emotional poster? We have a few, but I'm curious who comes to mind?

    The Oracle


    Moony 1


  • willyloman

    I've gotten a number of PMs from posters wanting to establish an off-line relationship. I am generally wary and usually ignore these. On a few occasions I have met and/or communicated with long-time posters whose thoughts or experiences resonated with me and these worked out well.

    There's a parallel outside our ex-JW network here. We've all gotten that email from somebody we were friends with in high school decades ago. There's a lot to talk about for the first few minutes, and then there isn't. I've had three of those experiences and no lasting friendship ensued; there just wasn't any foundation to build on. That can happen here on JWN also. On the other hand, we do share a bond and that can grease the wheels of friendship, providing we have other things in common.

    I think for many of us there is a natural reluctance to reengage with our former "brothers," even if they've left the organization. That's because we all left for different, even if only slightly different, reasons and everyone's mileage varies.

  • minimus

    Oracle, I won't say.

  • mouthy

    apoligise when it's too late. Meaning me MINI???? I dont mind being named LOL

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