Did You Personally Know Any JWs That Were Sexually Molested By Other JWs?

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  • wantstoleave

    Yes. In 1992 a girl I knew got pregnant at 13 and only then did the truth come out about whose baby it was. It was her sisters husband (an MS) who was abusing her. Apparently it had been going on since she was about 8. No-one had a clue. When her parents told the elders, they tried to keep it quiet, as they didn't want any media surrounding it. The parents were fuming, understandably but listened to the elders, and nothing was done.

    He and his wife moved to another state with their young daughter, and went on to have another baby. To this day, neither he or the girls sister have any contact with the family. I can't believe that her sister took his side, after abusing that poor girl for 5yrs! He also retained his good standing within the congregation, and remained an MS. Sickening!

    The girl had the baby. She was still 13 when he was born. A baby having a baby. She married at 18, had 2 more children and then divorced from her husband after he cheated on her. As far as I know, she's still a witness, as are her children.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Yes and handled very horribly. We have a sexual psychopath in the hall we go to now and NO IS ALLOWED to know. We have this charming man along with a man who molested an eight year old went to prison for eight years and one of the elders gives a public talk saying it was all a miscarriage of justice about this poor man and that this man is just a gentle giant who should never have been sent to prison as as he is just too kind of a person. A child molester who was convicted of raping a child is a gentle giant. The elder is sick also as far as I can see. We also had a brother who had not only been a child molester but was also a pimping out girls and no one was of course allowed to know.

    Lovely hall. I was molested by my JW parents who were on the fringes of the truth no really JW's so does it really count?

    The thing that hurts the most is not no one can know. No parents, the poor house holder who these men call on their doors. The CO and Bethel have a do not tell policy. WHY?

  • 2112

    Yes, my step son was molested by a "Spiritually strong and loving brother". I did go to the police and he was charged, but the elders insisted that he was innocent because there were no witnesses. Some of them went to the investigator and tried to convince him that I had molested my step son and was forcing him to blame the brother. (This could also go on the gossip thread as I was accused through out the area as molesting him and the elders made no attempt to stop that lie.) The perp. was rewarded by being made a MS and is still highly regarded as a wonderful christian brother.

  • misguided

    Yes...me...by 2 jw's including 1 who was an elder.

    Also, my jw ex-father-in-law had a baby with my ex-sister-in-law...so my kids have a cousin who's also their aunt.

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  • Heartbreaker

    Yes, not only within my own family, but two of my best friends when growing up, and a handful of others that I heard of through the grapevine.

  • mimimimi

    Yes, same girl, quite beautiful girl in her early teens, first fondled by an elder, then her stepfather tried to rape her one night, but she was able to make enough noise to get her mother out of bed and deter him. She ended up going to live with a previous stepfather and her brothers and her mother was the one counseled by the elders, not the stepfather who tried to rape her. She told me this herself. There are others I heard about secondhand.

  • minimus

    ....and they try to say the Organization is pure and not like the world. Ha!

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  • minimus

    In the 70s, if there were a lack of elders in a congregation, a MS could be used in a judicial capacity if he was "qualified" and was seen to be soon an elder. I sat in with another elder from the neighboring congregation to hear a plea for reinstatement. I was told we were meeting with him merely as a courtesy because no reinstatement was on the horizon. The DF'd man said he wanted to take the opportunity to confess something that was bothering him. He said he had performed cunnilingus on his baby niece when he changed her diaper a few times. I (we) were horrified. I expressed that if I were ever to make a judgment on this man, I could never reinstate him because of his filthy perversion. The elder basically told him to get out of the room. My understanding is that he never got reinstated and I believe he died some years later.

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