Did You Personally Know Any JWs That Were Sexually Molested By Other JWs?

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  • minimus

    And NLHC is speaking from her/his experience and personal knowledge.

    I did a search on anorexia and sexual abuse. There's enough info about it to suggest that it happens.

  • Finally-Free

    BTTT cuz I can't see the last post.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    I am not saying it doesn't happen. Of course it does. But it doesn't "usually" happen. Context. In a hospital setting you will see some of the worst life-threatening long term effects. But most of us don't fit that criteria. We stay away from the hospitals. We don't becoem anorexic.

    Why is that so hard to understand. She saw a small limited group of women who had been sexually abused and were in a hospital for whatever reason.

    Did anyone bother to consider the possiblity that some of these women were sick before they were abused and that contributed to their problems? contributed to the abuse happening?

    I certainly know of some cases of a few people with pre-existing problem that made them easy targets.

    But I cannot general that to mean most or all.

  • minimus

    Let me ask something. What exactly is bothering you about the comments made by NLHC? Is it your vast experience as opposed to his/her's? When i read that poster's comments I saw nothing that hit me as offensive. Am I missing something?

  • Butterflyleia85

    Just a comment to the title didn't really get to read this posts on here. But yes defiantly. I'd say I know tons as well.

  • Finally-Free
    When i read that poster's comments I saw nothing that hit me as offensive. Am I missing something?

    Perhaps it's that a victim of abuse has a different perspective than someone who hasn't had to live the experience.


  • minimus

    I'm sure...Were you offended, FF?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    Go back and read the second post on page 5 by truthseekeriam. Here I will copy it for you


    Thank you for clearing that up Lady Lee.

    It scares the heck out of me to read that stuff.. being a mother of a young victim of molestation. I'm so scared she wont be okay even though we did have her her in counseling when it first happened.

    Right now she seems fine and we openly talk about it, but she still hasn't become a teen. I'm so afraid of not doing the right thing I want her to grow up and live a normal life.

    My husband and I were thrown into shock a few weeks ago when my teen son admitted to being depressed and even cut himself once, when all of this was going one a couple of years ago because he felt guilty for not protecting his little sister and also because of how we were treated by the congregation.

    I just can't believe people just expect you to move on after this happens to you family! It's like a never ending nightmare. You just don't know what hiding behind the next corner.

    Being a JW and the molester being a JW makes it so much worse.

    She has a daughter she is worried about. She read nlhc's post was scared that this is her daughter's future. She doesn't need to think her daughter will wind up in a mental hospital beyond hope or recovery.

    THAT is what upsets me. A "professional" came on and gave her "professional" opinion based on her "professional" work that "usually" this is what happens to survivors of sexual abuse.

    That is NOT the truth.

    What people see in hospitals is a small proportion of what happens to us.

    I've been here a long long time. We have seen many many incest survivors on this forum. Some have some pretty clear problems. But most are doing OK in their lives. Just think of the list of poster here that you know. How many do you think are neurotic? have personality disorders? are anorexic? (enough of us have posted pictures of ourselves to debunk that one)

    I was hoping to take this discussion off your topic but that looks like it isn't going to happen

  • minimus

    Thanks, Lee for the comments.

    I'm not a "professional". I personally know people who have been sexually molested. The ones that I know have had issues that have affected them throughout their life. They've most often dealt with it but it clearly adversely affected them and counseling did help but typically their sexual life was affected and depression is present and they are on medication. These people aren't a mess but they are damaged.

    Perhaps making it sound as if a life wrought with misery is unavoidable, that might be the issue. Still, in one's limited experience, it might be what they've seen. I dunno.

  • No Longer Held Captive
    No Longer Held Captive

    I dont expect people to move on, and as for the sad bastards that committ these acts of indecency, they need their balls cut off, with a blunt spoon. It is very hard for people just to move on and pick up the pieces, that cannot be denied at all. I was also a nurse in forensics in europe, in a very large prison, the worst one you go to if the courts sent you there, and child abuse is the same world wide, only the victims are the ones that pay for it, while the ones that do it walk free. And nurses in this field see it all the time, and after 15 years of it I had to leave, I could no longer do it, as you begin to become blunted by all the sad cases that come in, so, it affects the nurses too, for we are human and have feelings too. It affects cops, because they cant get to do what they want to, because their hands are tied by the law, a law which is not there for the victim, but there to protect the ones doing it, and this is painful too when you work in this line of work.

    I have worked with 6 nurses, all in one hospital, who had all committed suicide. They aged between 25-45.

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