Jehovah's Witnesses---A Cult or Not?

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  • Son of Man
    Son of Man

    So the testimony of thousands upon thousands of victims means nothing to you? The elders hide the criminal act because, like most JWs, they are paranoid about the organization getting any sort of bad publicity. They hide it by threatening the victim with disfellowshipping. The perpetrator is protected. All in the name of protecting the image of the organization. Is that the sign of an organization doing what God would want?

    Either bring before a worldly court of law or allow GOD to take care of it. HE knows what all has to be Judged. And you talk of these occurance yet you provide no proof. So how am I to look at it in order to make a determination? I know how an organization reacts when there is a law suit pending against them. They become the most ruthless criminals ever. I am not saying that it applies in the cases you mentioned, however I am aware of the practices of "ungodly" attorneys. I hate them with a passion and GOD will bring them all to justice.


  • ColdRedRain


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  • minimus

    Cold Red, I agree with u 100%.

  • Son of Man
    Son of Man

    Cold Red, I agree with u 100%.

    So you've been flamed m&m dude? Gee how does it feel? I am assuming it's you m&m guy (I know the 7up dot or whatever. Rainman did not address it to anyone else so therefore it defaults to the author of this
  • mrsjones5

    Coldrain, I love the flame note. Very appropriate.

  • AllTimeJeff


  • Son of Man
    Son of Man

    Coldrain, I love the flame note. Very appropriate.

    Yea, but poor minimus, I feel sorry for him

    Oh's a CULT!

    I thought everyone knew.


  • Caedes


    About four years ago you were claiming it was the end of the world whilst posting as 'Elijah'

    what happened? Did god postpone things again?

  • Son of Man
    Son of Man

    The "End Times" is considered the end of the world, and it has been taking place according to what has been written. And after the "Good News" of The Kingdom has been preached throughout the entire inhabited earth, then the end will come.......

    Only Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles have authority to preach because they know the complete "Truth". Any religion that says GOD is going to destroy the wicked at Armagedon are misleading the people. Jesus Christ is our savior,not destroyer.


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