How many left???

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  • reslight2

    ALL Christians are anointed.

    ALL of them.

    Dead Christians are awaiting the first resurrection.


    I agree with this, except that I would say, all true Christians, all who truly belong to Christ, are anointed. There are many "tare" Christians who are not true Christians.

    Nevertheless, the scriptures do not authorize anyone to classify some Christians as "anointed" and other Christians who are truly dedicated to God as not of the anointed. If you truly belong to the Christ (the Anointed -- Galatians 3:26,27), then you are of the Anointed -- the Christ, of the body of believers (Romans 12:5; 1 Corinthians 11:3; 12:12; 2 Corinthians 1:21) who accept Jesus as their head. -- Ephesians 5:23,30,32.

    Christian love,


  • reslight2

    I'd rather hang out with ole Joe Rutherford. I bet he's got a good still running up there... and with Crazy Taze providing the Miracle Wheat, that has to be some heavenly moonshine.

    While this, I am sure, was meant to be amusement, many fail to know the real facts concerning "Miracle Wheat." Most of what is spread is the misrepresentation (putting it mildly).

    Christian love,


  • diamondiiz

    Anointed are a delusional bunch. If it's so wonderful to die how come their mighty leader Jaracz seeked medical help and not took a deep breath and refused all medicine? Wouldn't it make more sense for Jaracz(sp?) to die and be in heaven now? Oh wait - he realized that this life is all we got and didn't want to chance it by dying too early a choice the young kids don't have when their brainwashed parants refure blood and sacrifice their own loved ones because the scum bags in Brooklyn say so. Why is AE asking how many delusionals are around? All "she" has to do is look it up in "her" magazines and not ask people who don't give a flying @#$% about how many anointed there are left.

    BTW, "jw" have such a warped view of death, all these braindead people thinking that death solves all the problems and they'll be in paradise or heaven why don't they just refuse all medical treatment and just die already. Death=heaven/paradise is another "jw" nonsense that I hate.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    It is all delusion. No annointed are appointed, Jw or otherwise. What kind of cruel God would put mankind thru all the hell on this earth for a testing to make sure they are fit for heaven? He supposedly made a few billion angels directly to heaven with no need to be tested. What? Did he sit around and think 'Look, I will test part of my creation on earth, make them die, make war and watch to see if they watch any porn along the way. The rest I will make perfect in heaven with no test needed.'?

    None of that makes any sense to me anymore. It is what it is. Flesh and blood that dies after a few years. End of story I guess.


  • snowbird
    I agree with this, except that I would say, all true Christians, all who truly belong to Christ, are anointed. There are many "tare" Christians who are not true Christians.

    Thank you, Ronald.

    The "true" was implied in this case.

    Christian love and peace to you, also.


  • mouthy

    Angel eyes.I feel so sorry for you.. I was like you defending defending,defending the WT
    I wanted so much to believe they had the truth...It is very hard to empty your mind ,with the
    stuff the Org filled it with.Now remember Jesus EMPTIED HIMSELF & came as a man,(Being GOD)

    Imagine if the Queen came to your house & wanted to clean your bathroom???Wouldnt it
    be a shock, so TRY to google all the WT teachers, I am very friendly with EX Cuircut servants,
    elders,they will tell you a few truths about what goes on at Brroklyn Bethel,
    My friend was in the England Bethel .So my suggestion to you is ,ask the Heavenly Father
    to send you the HOLY SPIRIT to teach you the truth...Get on your knees & tell him that you
    do truly want him to be your friend Just one thing though
    No one can judge who is gone to Heaven.....Christ examines hearts.HE decides.

  • Heaven

    Ok, I just want to set the record straight here... once and for all. Nathan Knorr, Leo Greenlees, and Ewart Chitty are NOT at my place.

  • isaacaustin

    thanks heaven. :)

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