How many left???

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  • jookbeard

    well have you done the research? and they are not rumours

  • WuzLovesDubs

    You guys forget you are dealing with a JW mindset where everything that is said by the Goobering Bootie is accepted at face value. Logic or facts or TRUTH have nothing to do with that mindset. All good little JWs do not question anything they are told.

    She may not accept that pedophiles, and there are THOUSANDS in the JWs...will not be going to heaven or anywhere ELSE, even if they label THEMSELVES annointed, which they do...but my guess is that every story perpetuated by the JW rumor mill is accepted immediately without it being "hearsay". Like all the MIRACLES you hear happening to JWs. "Oh I wanted to pioneer but couldnt pay my rent! And the next day there was an envelope on my stoop with EXACTLY $597.27 to pay my bill! Jehovah is sooooo wonderful!!"

    Or..."I bought a dresser from a garage sale at a worldly person's home and THAT VERY NIGHT the drawers began opening and closing by themselves! I called out to Jehovah to SAVE us from the DEMONs! We tried to burn it the next day and IT WOULDNT BURN!"

    Any money she believes that shit without blinking? Yup.

  • isaacaustin
  • isaacaustin
  • isaacaustin

    Thanx pjs. So if it does not fit the wts theology they symbolize it. Jesus told the Jews that gentiles would sit dowmw in the kingdom with the patriarchs. This did not fit the wts theology having the annointed in the same place as them since they teach only those after Jesus went to heaven. So they take the power out of Jesus words and symbolize the patriarchs to be Jesus, Jehovah, and the annointed and kill the whole context.

  • yknot

    Yknot shakes her head at how this thread went from memorial partakers, to homosexuality within the WTS to Matt 8 & 11......(and more)

    While I think lively discussion and research make for thought provoking and engaging threads........ HOWEVER

    Maybe give AE time to discern, research and process versus mass defense/offense responses.

    If she shoots back a comment like 'hearsay', let it go, she ain't as and active dub ready to go there....yet......give her time.

    Sorry I am just overwhelmed after reading the last 7 pages ......

    I luvs yall all ....

  • AllTimeJeff

    I agree with YKnot.

  • megs

    Bear with me... am not an "insider"... Anyone can say they are anointed? So if Ted Bundy had been a JW, and proclaimed himself anointed, if he asked for forgiveness, could he have still been anointed and live in heaven?

  • isaacaustin
  • bluecanary
    Im very fortunate you see because even i give those who have been df or fallen away the benefit of the doubt, i NEVER listen to rumours...hence i serve Jah, i try to be christlike.

    Did I mention that I'm so wonderful, sunshine comes out of my butt?

    There's at least one rumor you've listened to. Sound familiar?

    We are persucuted MORE than anyother religion...and we ENDURE more.
    We have more lies spread and rumours than anyother religion also...and the people are ALL attacked.

    Unless you're finally ready to support that claim with some statistics, all you've done is repeat hearsay.

    remember im still with the org so why would i hear things like that???

    Wow. Thanks for making our point that the WTS doesn't let you hear anything negative about them.

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