Watchtower Sends Legal Notice To Website Regarding Coyright Infringement

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  • undercover
    It stated at the beginning that it was run by JWs and was "safe" for witlesses but by the end it turned into an anti-JW rant!

    Lotsa 'postates who are still active dubs...

    I think they over played their hand a bit though it doesn't change the fact that it was exposed that the Society is more interested in protecting their copyright than they are spreading the good news of the kingdom.

  • dinah

    Joins Shamus in happifying Billy the X.

  • KW13

    the ridiculous thing is, that they claim all their materials are inspired. if that is the case, they are merely a vessel, speaking the word of God. they are now copyrighting God's word?

  • cantleave

    I thought it was a sin to take legal action against our brothers and sisters - lol

  • jwfacts

    The material is copyright so the WTS is doing what is legally acceptable to sue. However, it is ironic since they claim to want to spread their message "in all the inhabited world" and the site is far more productive at achieving this than any publisher.

    I think the GB fear is that people using the internet for Bible research are in a high risk category for leaving the WTS. A site that starts as proJW and supplying the daily text will get a following of active JWs. When the site owner comes to the realisation that the WTS is a cult he then has a large group of JWs that he can supply with information against the WTS.

  • 144001

    As much as I loath the WT cult, I cannot disagree with their legal department on this issue. Copyrights exist for a reason, and I don't believe the "fair use" exception is applicable here.

    There are plenty of legitimate bases for bashing the Watchtower. Enforcing their legal rights, in the same manner that any publishing company would, is not one of them.


    The WBT$ wants to Spread thier Message..

    Hammer Head ..By removing it from the Internet..Hammer Head


  • dissed

    Billy the ex...

    "I am authorized to kick ass on behalf of the owner of the infringed word."

    That's funny.

    You've been a baaaaaad boy. As punishment, I ORDER you to go to your room and study the WT, read 3 chapters of the Bible, and pray to JG.

  • BadBettie

    I say this at my own risk I suppose, but scientology has very similar tactics. Basically on the internet it is rumoured if one says unkind things or negative opinions they can be bothered by lawyers or worse.

    What am I saying apparently for? I've been aquainted with people it has happened to. It's effed up.

    Either way in order to control general opinion, nevermind opposition it would be in their [WTS] benefit to wipe every site they can off the internet. Anything outside of the prescibed teaching and routine can lead one astray or open ones mind to new knowledge or ways of thinking that are only dangerous to WTS. They don't have comments on their own site even and it's for a reason.

  • Bangalore

    Looks like there was another similiar case back in 2001.


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