Watchtower Sends Legal Notice To Website Regarding Coyright Infringement

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  • WTWizard

    I am sure that they want to prevent the public from finding out what they are getting into until it's too late. They cannot do that if all the littera-trash is available on apostate sites. Just imagine a potential call reading the Keep Yourselves in God's Tyranny book, online, when they are not allowed to see it yet, and they realize that they are going to have to give up everything. Also, imagine seeing them reading the Kingdumb Misery (I myself have a few downloaded and printed copies, and realize that they are telling me to do nothing but set up men to study the washtowel).

    They really want to control information to new recruits. On the first visit, they will offer a book like the Washtowel Teach, the Showcase Washtowel, the Asleep!, and the Not Well Translated Bible. Those people are not ready for the deeper stuff about disfellowshipping, the technical rules, and that they are going to have to give up their lives--otherwise, it will turn them right off and kill the study. They also disallow people from posting transcripts from the a$$emblies, and judicial hearings, for the same reason. Plus, they do not want the authorities to see a letter to hounder-hounders only (that is to be verbally read to the hounders, and then the congregations) or the Keep Yourselves in God's Tyranny book.

  • purplesofa

    I have been following a JW blog on the Society asking members not to record and distribute the talks.

    If there is not a response like we do as the governing body tells us to do, others comment

    that it's a way to pass the good news and until it is a DF offense they will record and distribute them.

    I know talks are different than publications but it has these JW's really discussing the motives behind it.

    Apparently there is an announcement before the Conventions start as to recording and distributing?

  • JWoods

    Am I alone in noticing how smugly legalistic the society has always been?

    It is almost as if they make it a public profession to hate everything the United States stands for, but when threatened they run to hide under mommy's skirts and make an appeal to the Supreme Court for their God-Given Civil Rights.

    Talmudic. Pathetic. Sickening.

  • undercover


    I was the sound servant at one hall and we recorded every single to song/prayer. We then made copies to give to the sick and infirmed (this was before phone hookups). I knew brothers who recorded the assemblies and made copies.

    I remember one particularly hardass CO that came through who ruffled a lot of feathers, including the PO. I remember the PO coming to me and asking for a copy of all the COs parts during the week of his visit. He was going to use it as evidence that this CO was out of line. Never did hear the outcome though.

    In my opinion, the Society is trying, in vain, to try to control the outflow of information from meetings and certain publications to apostates and critics. Instead of working to become mainstream, it seems they are tightening the noose around the flocks' necks and the publications meant just for them is more and more cult-like in nature. The talks from COs and conventions will be more cult-like. They need to keep these things in check so as to keep outsiders and apostates from creating a furor over it that trickles back to their followers. They will lose this battle...they have already lost this battle. There are too many 'undercover' apostates inside their ranks feeding the info to the outside. It can't be stopped.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    When they shut down quotes I was wondering how can you shut down a site for reprinting your literature, when your grand important work is to get your literature these important stinger foretold in revelation out into the people's hands?

  • purplesofa

    Part of the discussion is that the talks at conventions are broadcast on FM radio intended for the hearing impaired.

    Not to be recorded.

    The JW's expressed how they like to record the talks to listen to later for points they may have missed or portions of

    while going to the bathroom, tending to children, etc.

    Mostly, some seemed to just not understand as these are tools to spread the good news and want to be able to

    use them and others will just do whatever the GB tells them without questioning.

  • booby

    What I never quite get is how you can take such powerful ownership of something that you have obtained from freely given donations. That combined with the notion on the one hand going to such great lengths getting the stuff into the hands of the public as "cheaplly" as possible, and then on the other hand threatening someone monetarily harm for helping to do that. I realize that as the law stands at present, they have the law on their side, but I honestly feel the law should change. What we see here is like someone being given a painting as a gift, and then denying anyone even the giver of that gift from seeing it. It is now the possesion of the receiver of the gift and they have that "right" but what unmitigated gall this would be seen as. They are just a bunch of control freaks, with no true compassion.

  • oldflame

    While the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society have not written the Bible, how can they copyright it?

    That is a easy question to answer. Their bible is not actually the bible, it is thier own bible written and translated by their own leaders. This is how they copyright it.

  • dinah

    Maybe they are realizing how crazy they sound to unindoctrinated people? Think about it. A Witness comes to your door, you don't know anything about Jehovah's Witnesses so you google them. Would you invite them back?

    They should realize there is no way to keep their craziness under wraps anymore. The sneaky recruiting methods simply won't work anymore.

  • darkl1ght3r

    Wow. Absolutely wow.

    Anyone who doubts how legalistic and pharisaic the Society has become need look no further than the ESD blog. I don't recall Jesus being described as walking around with a team of lawyers... or even Paul, or John, or Peter, or anyone.

    This is completely opposite to Jesus' methods. Anyone remember the situation (I think it was in Luke) where Jesus apostles wanted to go rebuke the individual who was performing miracles in Jesus' name but was not one of the 12? What did Jesus say? 'Let him be. If he is not against us then he is for us.', or something like that. Jesus wasn't upset that someone was infringing on his copyright.

    Even though I've been out for a year now, and I got out because of the lies and corruption, I'm still shocked at the hypocrisy that boils out of that organization. They only pay lip service to the scriptures they claim to revere. But in reality they're as cold and mechanical as any other "for-profit" corporation out there. It's like the former Enron CEOs decided to start a religion.

    TRULY a wolf in sheeps clothing.


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