Watchtower Sends Legal Notice To Website Regarding Coyright Infringement

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  • Free

    Freedom of knowledge,expression and the internet is a major thorn in the side of not only every religion on the planet but every nation.

    They no longer have control over what people fill their heads with and it drives them crazy. Ego fuckers

    Some US law makers ( any named Rockefeller ) have pushed to change the internet because of all those crazy terrorist and how they could hack into our nuclear shit or whatever bla bla bla bla bla bullshit !

    That would have been a little easier then supposably hijacking planes. If they could do it they would have, Come on, they live in caves, or do they ?

    and I thought we invented this shit, Didn't we ? How could you invent something to control nuclear weapons and not have total control over it. BULLSHIT !

    Anyway back to the mind controlling Cult known as Jehovahs Witnesses , I used to almost laugh out loud, definitly a chuckle when they would say not to do research on the internet for your talks and assignments.

    It has become so obvious that the world is coming to a head and people are going to loose it if you take away the one thing that has set them free.

    The information highway must stay as it is. (I know, that was a little 90's ) but so true. The Clergy, All Clergy are the puppets and cheerleaders.

    They defend free speech but want it to go away.

    This Cult does have the right though, Infringement of their vomit, it's the law.

  • greenhornet

    Here is something to think about. Back in the 1930's the JWs in Germany would copy the Wactower on a "ditto machine" or even hand writen the mags. They had a under ground railroad to distribute the mags. There actions were "blessed" by the sociaty. Wow how this printing co. has changed.

    How this religion has changed.

  • Joshnaz

    The WBT$ Corporation is a printing business. If they actually think they have the most important message in the world, why no post it all on-line or have a TV show about it. The answer is clear. They are here to sell books, bible's, magazines, ect. They don't want their publications to be available to anyone except through them. Its not good for business.

  • greenhornet

    some wheere. Take life waters free. Some one help me here.

  • Balsam

    It just goes to show us all there is not real god in Jehovah's Witnesses, it is nothing more than a legal enity that wants to exercise excessive control over anything published that they say. Funny thought about the NWT being copyrighted and isn't to be used or used from their CD's even in an email to a fellow witness. LOL Wow were is Jah in all this in fact where is Jesus didn't say you recieve free give free. The WTS is wanting to make money off their law suits guess they needed now they have been sued by abused kids over the years.

  • nelly136

    the site probably had quite a big member base, by posting the rant the way they did i can imagine theyd have alienated a portion of their memberbase.

    if they'd have just posted a disclaimer saying they been threatened with legal action by the borg for using the nwt and would continue business as usual using one of the bibles quoted from by the borg site (if they use it on their own site it must be ok?)

    they could have probably carried on doing their daily scripture stuff and the borg wouldnt have been able to do anything about it?

  • dutchstef

    But they have re-written it so that's easy to claim copyright!

    If you rewrite something how can you claim copywrite, it's like translating a book in an other language, the original writer is still the one who has the copywrite.

    And when WTS says it's their own work than it's plagiarism...from gods work!

    Another thing. They never tell who writes a peace for the watchtower or wrote a book or who created a song or who translated a biblebook, because they say, " it's not important who did it, the writers are inspired by god/ Jehovah." So god is claiming copiewrite on his inspired work? He doesn't want it to be spread all over the world?

    I'sn't spreading gods word all over the world the number one business of the WTS? Isn't the internet the best way to reach people all over the world? Even in places you can't come going from door to door, like in the middle of a jungle or at the north pole?

    So why don't they want anything on the internet?

    I think it's because:

    a) It makes no money

    b) they are afraid of lawsuites, because their preaching stuff that is forbidden in some countries like beating your child, and disciminating Homosexuals.

    c) If an interested person or JW will google on literature the might also bumb into websites of apostates.

  • Bangalore

    *** km 9/02 p. 8 Avoid the Pursuit of "Valueless Things" ***

    Avoid the Pursuit of "Valueless Things"

    1 One popular means of communication today is E-mail. Although sharing personal experiences and thoughts among family and friends through this medium may be appropriate, what "valueless things" can be associated with the unrestricted use of E-mail?-Prov. 12:11.

    2 Cautions Regarding E-Mail: Some claim to feel more in touch with Jehovah's organization when they receive what they consider to be fresh information via E-mail. This may include experiences, notes on events at Bethel, reports of disasters or persecution, and even confidential information released at Kingdom Ministry Schools. Others seem overly eager to send such messages, hoping to be the first to reveal the information to their friends.

    3 At times, information and experiences have been distorted or exaggerated. Or perhaps in an effort to be sensational, some have conveyed a false impression. Those who are hasty to reveal such matters often do not have all the facts. (Prov. 29:20) In some cases, even when a story is unbelievable, it is passed on as a curiosity. Such inaccurate or misleading reports amount to "false stories," which do not promote genuine godly devotion.-1 Tim. 4:6, 7.

    4 If you forward information that turns out to be inaccurate, you bear a measure of responsibility for the sorrow or confusion this can cause. When David received an exaggerated report that all his sons had been killed, he "ripped his clothes apart" in anguish. However, in truth, only one of his sons had died. That was distressing enough, but this exaggeration caused David added distress. (2 Sam. 13:30-33) Surely we would not want to do anything that would mislead or discourage any of our brothers.

    5 God's Appointed Channel: Bear in mind that our heavenly Father has an appointed channel of communication, "the faithful and discreet slave." That "slave" has the responsibility to determine what information is made available to the household of faith, as well as "the proper time" for it to be dispensed. This spiritual food is available only through the theocratic organization. We should always look to God's appointed channel for reliable information, not to a network of Internet users.-Matt. 24:45.

    6 Internet Web Sites: We have an official Internet Web site: This site is adequate to make information available to the public. There is no need for any individual, committee, or congregation to prepare a Web page about Jehovah's Witnesses. Some have posted the contents of our publications with all scriptures and references given in full and have even offered copies of convention material on a donation basis. Whether profit is involved or not, the practice of reproducing and distributing publications of Jehovah's Witnesses in an electronic document is a violation of copyright laws. While some may view this as a service to the brothers, it is not approved and should be discontinued.

    7 Exercising good judgment and soundness of mind when using electronic communication will ensure that our minds are filled with "precious and pleasant things of value."-Prov. 24:4.


  • US1t6D

    Was anyone else confused by that website?

    It stated at the beginning that it was run by JWs and was "safe" for witlesses but by the end it turned into an anti-JW rant!

    Good points made at the end for any witlesses who bother to read the end.

    I guess it once was perfectly safe for witnesses before the Legal department jumped in. You can check what the site looked like before as there are links to the internet Archive at the top left on

  • purplesofa

    The logo and page layout of Examining the Scriptures Daily is the exact same as Phillip Garridos internet blog


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