So long and thanks for all the fish.

by reniaa 130 Replies latest jw friends

  • OnTheWayOut

    Trying to stay on the positive, I will say:

    If I was wrong and you really are who you claim to be, then when you get your head out of your ass and realize what's wrong with WTS, you are welcome back.

  • sir82
    I am leaving for personal reasons outside of JWN this time so it will be for good.

    Uh-huh. See you next week!

    We're like a car wreck, or the National Enquirer in a grocery store checkout line. No matter how much you want to, you can't look away!

  • WingCommander

    I still don't know if you were for real or merely some WT troll, but I truly feel sorry for you. You've been presented all of the FACTS, shown all of the hypocrisy and double standards, peeked behind the curtain as best you could, and instead of turning away from the disgusting thing, you have decided to sit back down at the table and feast upon the rotten spiritual banquet that MEN have laid out before you.

    I want you to think of one thing at the next Memorial: You share the passing of the emblems with one other religious group - Satanists. They are the only other religious group who "passes on" the emblems because by doing so, they are REJECTING Christ Jesus. Every other Christian group accepts and partakes as Jesus himself commanded, no matter whether they feel they are going to being living in heaven or on earth, for His Kingdom is all encompassing and Jesus himself clearly stated that EVERYONE wanting everlasting life should partake. He didn't break it down by saying the remnant, 144,000, little flock, little sheep, bride of Himself, etc, etc....he said EVERYONE. Once I realised this and the fact I was shaken to my core. You are being DENIED his sacrifice and being denied the chance to partake and accept everlasting life.

    In the famous words of Bugs Bunny:

    "Weeeelll.....Good-bye! I wish I could say it's been a little slice of heaven, but it hasn't."

    - Wing Commander

  • out4good3

    Oh come on....does anybody really believe she's actually leaving??

    I'll be looking for her thread on Beliefnet where she'll once again announce to all her JW wanna-gonna be brethren her decision, how they once again will heap all thier loving praise on her for her decision, and how she'll sneak back in here with one of her "WT can do no wrong" remarks.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Happy trails.

  • boyzone

    Lets face it Reniaa, you never left the JW's anyway so its no big deal going back.

    I guess finally the "you shouldn't be here" comments have got to you and your disappearing...supposedly.

    I give you a week tops..

  • isaacaustin

    And where is your partner Spike? LOL

  • JimmyPage

    My sentiments are the same as Isaac and Cheech. I'm not going to pretend to like you. Hopefully this is real and you'll stop hijacking threads.

  • Satanus

    I can't see how a jw believer who has half a brain and is not psycho can carry on for a long time as raina did here. I mean, how many times can a half ways rational person see their own arguments demolished before their eyes? How many times can a person come up empty as far as rejoinders go, before it sinks into their cult adled brain that something is not right. They iether need to run back to the mind numbing comfort of the sheltering org, or come to a realization of what a flimsy house of cards it is, and leave it. The mentally challenged and the psychos can carry on w the same old, same old. If she actually leaves and goes back, it's a credit to her.


  • Lillith26

    I wish you all the best on your journey through this life, but wish you would stay on here dispite going back, you will be missed even by those you may see a nemesises! We are like the big brothers and sisters trying to teach you to keep out of trouble, and the younger ones who pick fun at you because we love you and are just testing our boundries with you! You will be missed and are welcome back at any time for any reason.

    Bye Reniaa

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