What Assembly were you baptized at...

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  • misguided

    1982, Vancouver, BC. I had a fever of 103.

  • chickpea

    1991 DC, madison wisconsin...
    5 weeks post-partum

  • NewYork44M

    My memory is not as good as it once was. I think it was October 1973. The location was the circuit assembly in Muncie Indiana

  • Quandry

    1973-November or December-Jacksonville Florida-it was at a Circuit Assembly so we had to be taken to a local old Kingdom Hall that had a baptismal pool under the stage.

  • RR

    Studied in 1982, two weeks before my baptism, the brother who introduced me to "the Truth" was disfellowshipped.

    I got baptized in New York at the 1983 "Kingdom Unity" District Convention.


    BTW ... when did they start "naming" district Conventions?

    1966, “God’s Sons of Liberty” District Assemblies:

    1967, “Disciple-Making” District Assemblies:

    1968, “Good News for All Nations” District Assemblies:

    1969, “Peace on Earth” International Assemblies:

    1970, “Men of Goodwill” District Assemblies:

    1971, “Divine Name” District Assemblies:

    1972, “Divine Rulership” District Assemblies:

    1973, “Divine Victory” International Assemblies:

    1974, “Divine Purpose” District Assemblies:

    1975, “Divine Sovereignty” District Assemblies:

    1976, “Sacred Service” District Assemblies:

    1977, “Joyful Workers” District Assemblies:

    1978, “Victorious Faith” International Conventions:

    1979, “Living Hope” District Conventions:

    1980, “Divine Love” District Conventions:

    1981, “Kingdom Loyalty” District Conventions:

    1982, “Kingdom Truth” District Conventions:

    1983, “Kingdom Unity” District Conventions:

    1984, “Kingdom Increase” District Conventions:

    1985, “Integrity Keepers” District Conventions:

    1986, “Divine Peace” District Conventions:

    1987, “Trust in Jehovah” District Conventions:

    1988, “Divine Justice” District Conventions:

    1989, “Godly Devotion” District Conventions:

    1990, “Pure Language” District Conventions:

    1991, “Lovers of Freedom” District Conventions:

    1992, “Light Bearers” District Conventions:

    1993, “Divine Teaching” District Conventions:

    1994, “Godly Fear” District Conventions:

    1995, “Joyful Praisers” District Conventions:

    1996, “Messengers of Godly Peace” District Conventions:

    1997, “Faith in God’s Word” District Conventions:

    1998, “God’s Way of Life” District Conventions:

    1999, “God’s Prophetic Word” District Conventions:

    2000, “Doers of God’s Word” District Conventions:

    2001, “Teachers of God’s Word” District Conventions:

    2002, “Zealous Kingdom Proclaimers” District Conventions:

    2003, “Give God Glory” District Conventions:

    2004, “Walk With God” District Conventions:

    2005, “Godly Obedience” District Conventions:

    2006, “Deliverance at Hand!” District Conventions:

    2007, “Follow the Christ!” District Conventions:

    2008, “Guided by God’s Spirit” District Conventions:

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    1991 District Convention in Madison, WI. I wish that I had followed through on my plan to do a cannonball into the water.

  • AllTimeJeff

    June 25, 1988 at the Hialeah Fla racetrack. (can you say "Flamingo party"?)

    I think the theme was "Divine Justice". I recall sitting between a future bro and sis who were talking right over my head. They seemed to like each other for what I could tell. Of course, I was 13 and looked like a computer mated with a calculator, and not really educated in such matters.....

  • NewYork44M

    Jeff, I may have been at that assembly in Hialeah. That was one of my favorite places for assemblies.

  • dinah

    I don't remember the theme of the convention, I really don't even remember the year, but it was a DC in Birmingham, AL. It was the early 80's and I was 13 or 14, can't remember. So, you guys can tell how important the date was to me, huh?

    Jeff, I had been out for 2 years when you got dunked.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Dinah, you have been out for over 20 years?

    I thought it was so cool I got baptized as young as I did, and toward the end, I was one of those JW's who could say that I was baptized for a long time.

    Now, I am the newbie, recently out of JW's.... Can't wait to be 20 years removed from that!

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