What Assembly were you baptized at...

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  • titch

    To tenyearsafter: Back in 1977, the Hollywood Park Race Track (in Inglewood) was used for District Conventions. I, myself, was there. The Race Track was used once again, during the Summer of 1979, for District Conventions. I've heard that the H.P.R.T. has either been demolished, or soon will be. The property was sold, and it's about to be demolished, or probably has been. (I haven't driven by the Race Track in years.) I enjoyed it as a venue for District Conventions, though---it was right under the flight path of Los Angeles International Airport, and you could see huge jets, like Boeing 747s, or DC-10s, or Lockheed TriStars on Final Approach to the runways over there. It was neat to watch them.

    A side-note, kind of off-topic, but I'll mention it anyway:

    I believe that the Race Track was used in the Summer of 1976, also. I had brought a multi-band radio receiver, that picked up the aviation frequencies, with me, in my car to the convention. After the session was over, I was in the car, listening to Los Angeles Tower on that radio. There was one airliner, that had turned onto Final Approach, and the pilot asked the Tower Controller, if he knew what was happening at the Race Track, as there were all kinds of cars in the parking lot, people milling about, but with no horse-races going on. The Controller replied, with, "I don't know either, maybe they are showing some kind of movie over there." True story! It got a little bit of a laugh out of me, at the time. If only the pilot and the Tower Controller REALLY knew.....

    Best Regards to Everyone


  • tinker

    Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa CA, July 1967. I was 15 and did it because everyone else was. All I had to do was show up in the seats saved for baptismal candidates. The next year the candidates had to have a "study" with an elder so I got it done just under the wire. I was very very shy and elders scared me to death.

    After I married my 2nd husband in 1981 I found pictures of his baptisim....OCF DC 1967, a private home pool. We did not know each other at the time but I am in the background of his pictures. At the time we said jehovah must have brought us together.

    @titch....I was baptised one year before you in the OC

  • titch

    To tinker: How interesting. I'm sure that somewhere, WAAAAY back then in 1967, our paths probably crossed at the D.C. at the Orange County Fairgrounds. Either for District Conventions, or Circuit Assemblies. Nowadays, I go to the Orange County Fair each Summer at the same Fairgrounds! But, my, how the Fairgrounds property has changed since 1967! Best Regards...


  • sunny23

    An old repurposed church in Indianapolis 2004, i was 17 and had been attending for 8years and a publisher for 7years.

  • jws

    Circuit assembly in Janesville, Wisconsin. I think I was 16 or 17 at the time. Mid 80's. Didn't really want to do it, but succumed to pressure from my parents.

    It wasn't so much the baptism I remember as the evening afterwards.

    It was winter in Wisconsin and a fair drive back and forth so my brother, another friend at the hall, and myself all got a hotel room. Brought some beers and some whiskey. Did a little partying. Met a group of 4 worldly girls in another room and we all ended up going to their room and making out with them. The girl I was making out with was overcome by too much alcohol and started getting sick. While she was in the bathroom, the 4th girl in the room came up and asked if I wanted to keep making out with a girl who just puked? Or her? So I switched.

    At the time, I was convinced that the devil had tempted me because I was newly baptised. Had I known what I know now and not felt a bit guilty about what was going on, that night could have wound up a whole lot better...

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