about my Alias, Tinker: I believe strongly in a mind / body connection and quantum physics. I am the 'Thinker of my Thoughts' or as Deepak Chopra says it 'you are the Tinker of your Tots' WOW, when I began to understand the way the universe works my brain just about exploded because as a 3rd generation JW, education was taboo so I rejected most all scientic enlightenment. I take issue with the WTBS on most all the same things everyone else here has, UN, shunning, generations, 1914. Also teaching the Bible as literal, evolution, no higher eduction are HUGE reasons I had to leave. My husband was an elder, raised 4 children in the 'troof'---heavy sigh....I began to fade about 6yrs ago. My husband and I talked about it and within the day, he said, ME TOO, I'm Done. Seems he had his own issues but we had never expressed these to each other. We have been completely inactive for about 3yrs now. I invite anyone to PM me.....omg, I need friends.