PROVE that Jehovah's Witnesses have the "Truth".

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    This thread inspired this post on Freeminds.

  • isaacaustin

    Bix Tex, I beleive that was a Rutherford teaching

  • undercover

    How long's the thread, Mama?

    Seven pages and risin'

    How long's the thread, Papa?

    Seven pages and risin'

    Come look through the posts
    Has anyone come close?
    Not so's you can boast
    Seven pages and risin'

    (with apologies to Johnny Cash)

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Bix Tex, I beleive that was a Rutherford teaching

    Ah, okay. I couldn't remember.

    Undercover -- it would be better if you could do that in Cash's voice.

  • undercover

    I resurrect this old thread in order to give the current flock of apologists a thread to use to convince us that JWs have the truth. Maybe if they put up here, they'll quit hi-jacking other threads.

    As of last check no one had, after 7 pages, been able to prove anything... so here's your chance...

  • frigginconfused

    I think when the WT was first created they had the true religion because they followed the bible and questioned everything. Thats why they deviated from mainstream christian beliefs. They are right about the holidays and war and trinity. Somewhere along the way they got too big for their britches. When they went from a small group to a large corporate following is where they went wrong. They set ideas in place and made them unopen to questioning. As soon as they did this they closed themselves off from truth. An open mind and consideration of all things is a must.

    I feel they have the groundwork for the true religion. Wonder if they will ever do whats neccessary to get there? Doubt it. Just because no one comes close in the JW ideas doesnt make them the true religion.

  • wobble

    You really are frigginconfused, right from the start with Chazzer Russell the Bible Students did not follow the Bible, they followed Chazzers ravings, see "Studies in the Scriptures", fanciful stuff !

    And then things went downhill under Rutherford, and got further from the Bible, until today what they teach bears no relation to the original Good News.

    "They were right about the holidays and war and the trinity" ???? They celebrated all the holidays until way in to the 1920's, they were selling War Bonds at the end of the first world war, and many Christians would be pleased to show you where they are wrong about the trinity.

    They never came close to the truth, and today's Governing Body would not recognize Truth if it bit them on the arse !

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