PROVE that Jehovah's Witnesses have the "Truth".

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  • isaacaustin

    Actually spike, our ancestors are living proof that the Wt does not have the truth. My grandparent are from the generation born in 1914, and many of us have relatives of that time frame....who have died off.

  • daniel-p

    You, Tuesday, can be living proof, as can I.

    Your actions can only prove/disprove your belief in what you say you will do. Nothing more.

    But then again, logic has never been a friend to JWs.

  • Spike Tassel
    Spike Tassel

    "Proof" and "prove" have a number of aspects and contexts, as do the terms "Jehovah's Witnesses" and "truth".

  • undercover

    6 pages...

    I still haven't seen any proof...

    Reniaa, you said:

    According to my research of the bible message atm the Jehovah's Witnesses are more biblical truthful than any other christian group by a mile and a half but I fully accept on these forums I might not get agreement.

    That's, can you share your findings with the rest of us and prove that the JWs are more biblical truthful by a mile and a half?

  • reniaa

    They follow Almighty God Jehovah and try to do his will through the grace of his son Jesus Christ.

    The first step in having the true faith is getting the God right. Christendom haven't even got close on the first step even.


  • SallySue

    Re: PROVE that Jehovah's Witnesses have the "Truth".

    You cannot because they do not!

  • AllTimeJeff
    The first step in having the true faith is getting the God right. Christendom haven't even got close on the first step even.

    For the record, I won't worship a god named Jehovah who is so weak that he cannot make sure that his real name is included in the NT. (Christian Greek Scriptures for any JW's lurking)

    The "oldest" manuscripts do not contain the tetragrammaton. The earliest come from translators dating to the 15th century. Thats right, 1400 years AFTER the bible was supposedly done, and "Jehovah" couldn't somehow inspire or work his great name into the NT.*

    (* for any lurkers, the J references in the appendix of the NWT translation are the basis for Jehovah appearing 237 times in the Christian Greek Scriptures.)

    So when JW apologists say that JW's have god right, where Christendom doesn't, I say in response, at least they do not act in an intellectually dishonest way by inserting the name Jehovah when it has no business being there, breaking every rule of scholarship and translation in order to prop up their dogma.

    I was surprised to learn that Jesus really is given and ascribed divinity in the NT. He is worshipped, and that is something that one will only learn by reading and studying the bible without the benefit of the Watchtower.

    There is a lot that the Governing Body will not deal with, simply because they are only proponents of their own dogma. While they are experts at raising doubts in other faiths, they adamantly refuse to answer openly these very real questions as to their scholarship and honesty.

    To say nothing of the dates they promoted as the end of the world, none of which has come true. Look at the mirror and out the window. You are still here, so is the world. Just don't read old Watchtowers to see what this cult taught as to the likelihood that August 17, 2009 would be here...

  • PSacramento

    Alltimejeff has just kicked the correct in the gonands ala old school style !!

  • undercover
    They follow Almighty God Jehovah and try to do his will through the grace of his son Jesus Christ.

    Most all Christian religions make the same claim. Just saying something isn't proving it.

    P R O V E I T

    undercover (of the wasting my breath class)

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Not to hijack this thread, this is more of an ancillary point.

    Jehovah's Witnesses claim to be the One True Organization Religion directed by God himself. One way they "prove" this is by saying that Jehovah has always had a visible organization on Earth.

    Well during the reign of the Israelite kings, when one of them went apostate, what did the little faithful Joe Israelite do? Jehovah's hand picked, inspired organization had turned away from the True Faith, many times turning the temple itself into unclean worship sometimes involving sacrificing innocent children (interesting parallel). There would have been no priests teaching the Mosaic Law, no Levites, no organizational structure to allow Faithful Joe Isrealite to attend the meetings to learn about Jehovah, no way to perform the sacrifices necessary to follow the Law. In fact it could easily have been dangerous to take his family to Jerusalem to sacrifice at the Temple as one of his children might have been taken and burned alive (I wonder if he would have needed two eyewitnesses to prove it).

    So what did that faithful little man do? How did he worship Jehovah God without an organization? No doubt he would have been under tremendous pressure to conform to what the bad king wanted from his subjects. No doubt his neighbors and friends would have told him to obey the king since this was Jehovah's inspired organization, for him to turn away -- would that not be like turning away from Jehovah? How could Jehovah's inspired organization, supported by prophets and miracles ever be wrong, ever turn bad?

    Also since we know beyond all doubt, according to the Bible and the Bible is never wrong, that Jehovah's inspired organization, one that was supported by prophets and miracles and even paid a visit by Jehovah's son Jesus Christ, if THAT organization went apostate not once but twice is it possible that could happen again?

    Is it possible that Jehovah's chosen organization in the 21st century could go apostate, just as happened in the past? Is it possible that just seeking God, or claiming to know God, doesn't necessarily make your religion the One True Religion, The Only Religion Approved By God?

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