PROVE that Jehovah's Witnesses have the "Truth".

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  • Mary

    Ummmm........cuz they spend billions of hours preaching with next to no results?

  • Kinjiro

    They have the best translation of the bible according to the urban legend myth regarding a Jeopardy question...

    Angels protect the sisters that preach so serial rapists wont attack them...

    Demonic smurfs cannot bear to hear the name Jehovah and run out of kingdom halls when unrepentant, desobedient and death-deserving-in-Armageddon kids bring them in...

    They and only they have the light and wisdom that the faithfull and discreet slave gives...

    Only they have an all loving, tolerant governing body of annoitted (sic) men that protect them from such harms as college and sport participation

    Do you need more?

  • jeeprube

    If they don't have the truth then what else is there? Where else can they go brother?

  • Mastodon

    They also have neckties and skirts below the knees! What else do you need!?

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    I'd actually like an answer from reniaa/spike.

    No doubt they will say something like "it isn't worth it, all you apostates want to do is tear down, I'm not indulging you"

  • minimus

    They believe it and that's that.

  • freeman

    Evidently, I hit a (political) sore spot with one of the mods who removed my post to this thread. Let’s see if he/she removes it again. Here is what I posted that was mysteriously removed:


    Is this a joke?? That’s just too easy.

    When a child is raped or otherwise sexually accosted, the first instruction is to call the Watchtower Legal Department; not the police, not a healthcare professional, but the legal department. That is all you need to know! You don’t need to know about their doctrines, you don’t need to know about their numerous prophecies and predictions that came and went unfulfilled. How they handle the most vulnerable among their own members, their spiritual family, tells you everything you need to know about them.

    Sadly using that same reasoning we know everything we know about our new President. We know his own Aunt lives in poverty in a rat infested housing project, and that his flesh and blood brother lives in small shack on about $12.00 US a year. We don’t need to know if he is a democrat, republican, liberal or conservative. We don’t need to know if he is a Christian, Jew, or Muslim. All we need to know is how he takes care of his family, natural and/or spiritual.

    How you treat family and innocent children says everything we need to know about you.


  • wobble

    This is a little bit similar to the thread I started ages ago "WANTED JW apologist " which went to about 20 pages,worth a read if you have the time,it is interesting to see the paucity of argument they have to offer.

    I was similarly surprised when I asked my two sisters to defend the faith,they have both been in for over 60 years,the younger of the two having spent over 40 years in full time service,neither had anything to say that would convince the most naive of enquirers !!!!

    So, dear Undercover, I wish you joy with this thread, I feel you won't be spurred to go back to the cult when this thread is exhausted.


    If they did they would be on here,quicker than a rat up a drainpipe,to expess and defend "The Truth"

    Please, nobody hold your breath.



  • undercover

    freeman...your "original" post is on minimus' thread where he asked people to prove that JWs don't have the truth.

  • Heaven

    No doubt they will say something like "it isn't worth it, all you apostates want to do is tear down, I'm not indulging you"

    Yep. Just another way of saying "I can't".

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