What can be done about those who go berserk with a gun?

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  • 504deist

    besty, i'm sorry, i'm still failing to see the point. i know america is in major trouble, and we need to change alot, and fast. however, gun control is not the issue. if someone breaks into your house, seconds count. gun laws will only disarm the people who should have guns, and give power to those who don't abide by the law no matter what.

    the guy in this clip says it better than i ever could.


  • besty

    The USA currently has more firearms related deaths per person than any other developed country.

    Adding more firearms to the population doesn't seem too clever.

    See what I mean? Or still not clear?

  • 504deist

    i see what your saying, but, i disagree. if some scumbag thinks the woman he's about to rob or rape may have a gun, he may think twice about it. if guns are in the hands of the right people, crime may go down.

    consider this. compare the difference with these two stories.



    both ideas have been tried. statistics say i'm correct.

  • BurnTheShips
    Adding more firearms to the population doesn't seem too clever.

    I have many firearms, and I am a damned clever biped.


  • besty

    and the majority of firearms owners support mandatory Brady Background checks

    right now any nutjob can buy a gun at a gun show in most states without a mandatory check - here's a few examples:

    David Koresh, Timothey McVeigh and the Columbine kids all bought weapons at gun shows

  • 504deist

    i totally support background checks. that's my whole argument. get the guns out of the bad guys hands, and into the good guys hands.

  • 504deist

    when you break into my house, you'll be looking into the business end of this:


    or this:


    those are the 2 i keep next to my bed. the others are locked up.

  • besty

    if my house gets broken into I will kindly offer to help the baddies load my stuff

    then I'll get some new stuff - seems much more civilized for all concerned

  • leavingwt


    Jesus would be proud.


  • hybridous

    Besty, you seem willing to make an incredible leap of faith...namely, that people who are willing to break into your house will stop violating your rights when they have control of your posessions. What's to stop them from violating your right to continue living?

    Seems like an awful lot to gamble. Especially when we're talking about people that are already willing to invade your home. You have that much faith in criminals? Good luck with that. I don't trust criminals so much.

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