What can be done about those who go berserk with a gun?

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  • hybridous

    Yup, less guns is the best solution. It's also not workable or realistic.

    Are there any other items prohibited by law that can't be bought out of somebody's trunk with a wad of cash?

  • Robdar
    and 7 million JW's agree that 9 old men in Brooklyn are the voice of God on earth.

    What has that got to do with the subject at hand? You could have said, "Look, there's a cat." It makes as much sense as the above drivel. Please stick with the issues.

    It doesn't make sense to suggest that more guns for more people will somehow make for a happy ending, and the facts bear this out:
    The USA is already at the top of the class for per capita firearm related death in developed countries.

    And again, your point? The above may be a fact but you will need to provide more than an ambiguous statement to convince me of the validity of your argument.

    Adding yet more guns doesn't seem to be a well-thought out strategy. The logical approach for herd survival is to have less guns, not more.

    Puleeze. Your "logic" does not apply to the link I provided earlier. Did you even read it?

    Perhaps a better idea is to focus on moving the USA up the table for healthcare performance.

    Why don't you stop your distraction tactics and try to stay on subject? You are certainly entitled to your opinion but don't quote half facts and innuendo and expect me to take you seriously.

  • purplesofa

    The story would have had a happy ending had one or more of the women in that gym been armed and returned fire.

    How many people do aerobics dancing carry a gun? Even with a gun close by, he entered the gym and TURNED OFF THE LIGHTS, and opened fire.

    I don't see how these women, no matter how trained could defend themselves. Maybe gun detetection should be set up everywhere we go.

    I can't believe when I go somewhere now, it passes through my mind, is there someone around here going to go nuts and blow us all away?

    If someone wants to go beserk with a gun, we really have nothing to prevent them.


  • leavingwt

    There are many stylish bullet-proof vests on the market. Wearing one may give you some peace of mind. You're much more likely to survive a random assault, if you're torso is covered by Kevlar. Remember to play dead, once you're on the ground.

  • SixofNine
    What can be done about those who go berserk with a gun?

    I believe they should be poked with sharp sticks. This is what I do when I learn that someone has a CCPermit, as a preventive measure.

  • BurnTheShips

    I say we send six0nine over to talk them down. They'll just end up suicidal instead.


  • badboy


  • 504deist

    besty, really, healthcare reform? you really think that's gonna make people not want to shoot other people? i'd love to see the logic behind this. and if you want to say that psycho analysis will prevent it, remember, alot of people that do this show no more signs that they are about to attempt this than an average person. there are a few examples, like the nazi who shot up a memorial, however most people just snap and do it.

    i have a serious question for people that are anti-gun. do you believe it's okay to throw a rock, or hit them with a baseball bat if they are threatning people? what's the difference between that and the safer alternative, a well aimed shot from a distance. a gun is a tool. it is a means to an end.

  • besty

    America is top of the league for per capita firearms deaths amongst developed countries. Fact. Like it or not.

    To get a higher per capita figure you need to look at developing or wartorn countries. Fact. Like it or not.

    The logic of getting more guns into circulation seems to me to offer a race to the bottom, not the top.

    Robdar kindly provided a link to a story where a female security guard took down a rampaging gunman in a church. She admits to hearing voices in her head - in this case it was the Christian God apparently - I wager the mad gunman also heard voices in his head saying 'kill, kill'. These voices in the head and guns seem to be linked, in this case anyway.

    What I meant by 'herd survival' was at a national level across many years. With no significant change to gun control policy America can look forward to more 'isolated incidents' and a trigger happy population who are increasingly equipped to respond. DUH.

  • besty
    besty, really, healthcare reform? you really think that's gonna make people not want to shoot other people?

    No i didn't intend to link the two facts together - rather I was highlighting what I see as a problem of a nation still trying to find its feet. The most expensive healthcare in the world is not the best, and not even close. Meanwhile everybody has the right to carry a weapon.

    These facts are not linked, but together present a snapshot of modern America. It's people deserve a better solution to both problems.

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