"Remember, nobody can REALLY love you unless they know and love Jehovah first."

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  • Spike Tassel
    Spike Tassel

    In order to know Jehovah, love is the key, because as 1 John 4:8 says:— "He that does not love has not come to know God, because God is love."

    It really is THAT simple.

  • Spike Tassel
    Spike Tassel

    In the context of being a TRUE worshipper of Jehovah, it certainly is TRUE then that "nobody can REALLY love you unless they know and love Jehovah first." This is because the TRUE worshipper of Jehovah is loyal to Jehovah and His interests. Someone who does NOT know and love Jehovah FIRST, simply doesn't have the capacity of TRULY love the TRUE worshipper of Jehovah, and the TRUE worshipper of Jehovah will NOT be drawn to such a "someone". Also, that "someone" will constantly be pressuring the TRUE worshipper of Jehovah to compromise their INTEGRITY at least to some degree. Hence the need to always have their spiritual guard UP, and be a 24/7 FULL-TIME JW.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Splke, you have made your point. You are also repeating yourself. And I don't see you engaging conversation here. Thank you for your opinions. As a JW sympathizer, they are consistent with other points you have made. I for one am very aware that my blog here is not something that you would agree with. Your disagreements are noted.

  • AllTimeJeff

    I would like to remind Spike or any other JW who would wish to post that I have no problem with this. However, my blog is an expose, not fiction. If you care to discuss the material statements I made in the blog, I am happy to do so. If you disagree, I welcome that as well. (respectfully of course)

    But I will not allow this to turn into a different direction where I, or other posters here, turn this into a discussion about "Jehovah"s love." Spike, that is another subject, it isn't germane to this topic, and I again invite you to start your own thread on that if you care to.

    The main point of this was that the GB regulates who a JW can love. I didn't even comment, nor will I, about the supposed existence of Jehovah, Noah, and other characters of the OT.

    This is my thread. I ask that this be respected. Thank you.

    Edited to add: While I honestly don't expect a whole lot from JW apologists, I have seen several threads turn into near flame wars due to simple minded statements made. It seems like this could be the case with a couple of Spike's statements, though I don't know for sure. Nevertheless, I would like to head off this turning into a flame war at the pass.

    I would also like to point out that "Jehovah" was not attacked in my thread. Anyone with decent reading comprehension can clearly see that it is how the GB uses the concept of knowing and loving Jehovah, using these as a control tactic, that is the point of this thread.

    It isn't my intent to insult, so I apologize if that is the case. I doubt very seriously that any JW would like what I wrote from an emotional point of view, even if intellectually, it is 100% true what I wrote. (thats what we call cognitive dissonance) But I would appreciate a discussion about the points in my blog, and not have this turn into a defense of the JW god.

  • oompa

    i usually dont read very long posts.......but i am glad i did this one......i would so like to show it to my family and friends.......i think i may have to put this in the local newspaper.............oompa

  • undercover
    it isn't germane to this topic,

    "The goddamn Germans got nuthin' to do with it!"

    - Bufurd T. Justice

    We now return you to your thread in progress...

    Good point in that the original post isn't attacking the God of the Watchtower, it's pointing out flaws in the corporation's philosphy of what love is and how it works. It wasn't attacking the rank and file either...they've been conditioned to think and act the way they do.

  • Atomahawk

    Alltimejim, unfortunately people get very worked up about religion, personal beliefs and convictions, which generally turn into emotional arguments. Which is normal considering religion and faith almost always rely on emotions to gather their followers. It seems that many have a difficult time balancing feelings with intelligence and logic.

    Back to the discussion: The claim made by the GB “ nobody can REALLY love you unless they know and love Jehovah first” is a distorted view of the essence of love itself. Consider the following, how many humans have sacrificed their own lives so another person whom they love can live? A mother or father dies to save their child in an accident, A husband knowingly sacrifices his own well being to save his wife etc. Humans sacrifice themselves for others they claim to love in numerous manners that prove that they do not need a god to love. What’s even more interesting in this, they do this without knowledge of the “true god” as the GB would call him.

    They have no heavenly hope, they have no hope in a resurrection etc. which in itself would be a powerful motivator in any action that leads to their demise. I can certainly understand someone saying “I love my god so much that I will lay down my life for him” Would you under the following condition, No resurrection, no heaven, no 70 virgins, no reincarnation etc?

    One really has to question the motives of the GB when making such a bold and obviously inaccurate statement regarding love and it’s true meaning.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Interesting points Atomohawk. And btw, its AlltimeJEFF. AlltimeJIM is on another board...

  • Atomahawk

    My Bad, LOL

  • startingovernow

    As you pointed out, a non-JW could read the entire Bible, want to serve God, but because they haven't learned JW doctrine, any love shown to JWs would not be "real" love. Ironic since most of the JWs I knew at most read the Bible once in their life, and this was usually because it was required at Bethel. The majority of JWs I knew had not read the Bible cover to cover. What is important is meetting prep and magazine reading. There are so many JWs that are considered by all to be spiritual and mature but do not show love. When called on it, suddenly their lack of love is excused by imperfection.

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