How many here have worked in social work, etc. & DON'T think MJ was a molester?

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  • Mary

    OhioCowboy said: The details just don't add up, and it seems that people knew they could make a quick buck off Michael. If the majority of people thought he was guilty, I doubt his fame would have lasted as long as it did, and will continue to do so even after his death.

    Um, Michael's fame quickly deteriorated after the first allegations and his paying the settlement with a gag order sounds vaguely familiar. Now let me see...who else do we know who did that?? Oh yes, it was the WTB&TS who admitted no wrongdoing, but paid their accusers millions of dollars complete with a gag order. I agree that there are always people who are trying to make a buck off the rich and famous, but Michael was his own worst enemy as he should have NEVER been having these sleepovers in the first place.

    Child abuse is so bad that once there is even a hint that a person may have done something innapropriate, a witch hunt, lynch mob, or whatever you want to call it forms, and automatically decides that the person is guilty, even when there is evidence showing otherwise.

    Unfortunately, the evidence in this case seems to point to the fact that there WAS indeed, something going on. As someone else related on here, there are certain warning signs of a potential pedophile, just as there are warning signs for a cult. The stupidest thing Michael did was continue on with his bizarre behaviour after the first payout. That was completely insane and it was obvious it was going to happen again. He should have never been alone with a young boy ever again after the first allegations. Unfortunately, because there was apparently no one to stand up to him and say "knock it off", he must have thought he was untouchable (no pun intended).

    A lot of normal, non abusing people nowadays make it a point to not be around children, and even go out of their way to avoid being near them, lest they be labelled as abusers. All it takes is for one child to get mad at a person and say that person acted innapropriately, and their life is totally ruined by an accusation.

    You're absolutely right. I know a guy who went to prison because his 15 year old daughter told Social Services that he molested her. When she retracted her story a year later, she was asked why she made the allegations. Her reason? Her father grounded her for coming in at midnight when her curfew was 9:00pm. Even though her father was released from prison and given a full pardon, that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

    For those of you who do not thing that Michael was guilty of anything, would you truly let your children or grandchildren have sleep overs at his house, knowing that they'd be sleeping in his bed with absolutely no other adults around?

  • ziddina

    For whomever posted that there are 6 people on this thread that think Michael was innocent, in counting just on the first page I count 13 people (including myself) who think or at least suspect that he's guilty. I'm counting as 'positives' those who stated that, court decision or not, they'd NEVER allow their own children or grandchildren near him - that's a clear statement of belief in his guilt...

    So, in effect, the majority (just on the first page; it appears the trend continues thru all 4 pages) DO believe he was guilty. As DoofDaddy said, "If you take away the money and the fame, and just look at the facts..." [paraphrased] Zid

  • dutchstef

    I don't think he was a childmolester.

    The police surged out the whole Neverland estate and didn't find any evidence like childporn or so..

    Het just has the Peter Pan syndrome He didn't want to grow up, and In all his inousense he watched some videos with children in bed.

    If he was doing something more than this, he would of been verry carefull and wouldn't tell the above in a interview. He was just naive and acting like a child himself...

  • iveseenthelight

    I work in Social Services, and although we may never know what he did when he had young boys in his bed, it was totally unacceptable for him to behave that way. It would have flagged up serious issues. I do not believe he had sexual relations with those boys; MJ strikes me as someone who had little of no sexual desire. He wanted children so badly but couldn't even have sex to produce them, choosing instead to have a donor.

    from what I see first hand at work every day, there is so much legislation and paper work that has to be done that there is hardly any time left to go out and actually interact with the families and the children. I used to be one who thought social workers sucked and were only there to take kids away, but that is only a last resort and its a hard f*cking job!

    Unfortunately though on the other hand there are loads of social workers who are badly managed and don't know what they are doing. But I think that people forget the social worker can only do so much and are only needed because some parents have no clue about raising children. Instead of blaming social services for the problems with children in care let’s look at the reason why those kids are in care and came to the attention of social services in the first place!!!

  • FlyingHighNow

    Seen the Light. Thank you. I am glad to see more than one person involved in social work standing up for Michael. I watched him on TV today, defending himself. What I saw there was someone truly distressed with sorrow, pain and bewilderment over false accusations. The sadness in his eyes was not the kind of sadness you see in a guilty person. I feel very bad for him, his children and family. Along with millions, I will miss him very much.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    I think in his own mind he was innocent of child molestation in the confines of the legal term and others,

    but he didn't say what he did do to put forth the motion of these charges. It all may have just been male juvenile sex play,

    but he was just to embarrassed to talk about it, knowing how the media would have a field day with it.

    If he did have homosexual tendencies you could expect something like this to occur especially in his own bedroom.

    In the link to the article that Orbison 11 posted, it talked about his hidden homosexual activities, something that many

    expected about him, but rarely was talked about.

  • donny

    I am also on the side that I do not think he actually sexually molested the kids he was with, although I do believe what he did was completely inappropriate for a 40-50 year old man. I truly believe Michael either thought or convinced himself he was a child and he thought he was doing things any adolescent would do. There was a moletser in the extended part of my family and when it was discovered, he had a long list of victims which is typical for these pedos. Mike was an idiot that let himself get into a bad compromising position in 1993 and did not learn from the experience and it happened again in 2003. I know there is a lot of room as to what Michael exactly did with the kids that visited his place, but I do not believe he ever had intercourse or oral with any of them. If evidence proving such presents itself in the future, I will stand corrected.


  • BizzyBee

    Celebrity worship. Sad. He was a talented musician and entertainer. That will never be taken away from him. But the man was a flawed human being. Get over it. I made the transition when I was 12 - when I learned that Alan Ladd wore lifts. Celebs are humans; flawed ones at that. Get a grip. He hadn't done anything significant musically in 15 years.

  • beksbks

    I can't help but wonder why no one tried to get real help for him a long time ago. I mean a looooooooong time ago. If half the country recognized he was behaving freakishly, surely someone close to him saw it first???? That is what I find sad. That apparently the people close to him were more interested in his money and fame, than him. Great talent, sad life, end of story.

  • startingover

    Well said Donny, I agree with you. His reality is something normal persons could never understand.

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