How many here have worked in social work, etc. & DON'T think MJ was a molester?

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  • JeffT

    I've done some volunteer crisis counseling over the years, and God knows I've met enough victims at AA meetings. I don't know if he did it. I do not know that he did not do it. However, the man was FREAKING weird. Normal adult men do not sleep with children, if for no other reason than the possible accusations scare the $hit out of them. No child or grandchild of mine would have been allowed alone in a room with him.

  • shamus100


    Oh, and I was never a counsellor or anything like that - I did need to identify people who exhibited signs of sexual abuse and report it, so nowhere near a social worker.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I agree there are a lot of indicators that something happened but I haven't seen or heard the evidence.

    But I sure as hell would never have left my grandchildren with him.

  • crapola

    I believe he was as guilty of child molesting as OJ was of murder. Just because it was'nt "proven" does'nt mean it did'nt happen.

    I think that's why so many young ones are afraid to admit it when something happens to them,, they feel they won't be believed.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Social workers are notorious for being overly excitable and frequently wrong when trying to "protect" children. Some of them are sensible and use good judgment. Enough of them have religious or psychological problems of their own and end up ruining innocent people's lives. I have profound reasons for saying this. Employers, private or government, need to put social workers through much more rigorous testing and screening than they currently do. There is also a big need to weigh heavily the religious influence on the worker's judgment and decision making abilities.

  • ziddina

    Good question, Avishai, really goood question. Personally, I agree with those who said that, even though he wasn't convicted in a court of law, they wouldn't have allowed him anywhere near their children/grandchildren.

    Better safe than sorry. He was weird; in my opinion a bad influence even if one took away the threat/possibility of child molestation. Unbalanced childhood in extremely dysfunctional family; inability to handle adult responsibilities even after reaching chronological adulthood... Zid

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    I'd have to say I 'm on the side of those who say he was guilty of sexually playing around with young boys, for the following reasons.

    Firstly his first accusation where he settled out of court and got the accusing parties to hush up about the incident, he paid out 20 million $ US for this.

    I'm sorry I don't see how any one would not fight this accusation in court with all of his wealth to hire the best lawyers in the country and to save

    his reputation among his family and friends not to mention the general public, it just doesn't make sense or logic.

    Now the second accusation may have been trumped up by the people knowing that the first accusation paid off so well, but he paid out

    20 million or so anyways just to fight the case which he was acquitted, thanks to an army of the best lawyers in the land.

    Its apparent when certain people get so rich and so unconstrained in their every day life they start to believe they can do anything they want to

    certainly above what would be considered normal social behavior to the majority of us. Micheal Jackson fit that bill well, it was said that he was

    a millionaire who spent money like a billionaire wildly out of control at times , much like a kid in a candy store with a no limit spending spree.

    My guess is when he started into this physical training program to get him prepared for his up coming concert series, he may have experienced

    some difficult pain and might have taken more than the usual amount of pain killers which may have brought on the cardiac arrest.

  • looloo

    not certain really but if my life depended on which choice i made i would go with guilty , i know from experiance how manipulative and dishonest abusers can be . i also know from child protection trainig i recently did that it is very unlikley that a kid would make abuse up .

  • JustHuman14

    I'm of those who can't say he was or he wasn't a molster. But for sure only time will show what really happened with MJ

  • purplesofa

    good post FHN

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