How many here have worked in social work, etc. & DON'T think MJ was a molester?

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  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    "Go to a cultural magazine to get your facts. After Vanity Fair be sure to check People and next try the Inquirer."

    FHN, I can tell by this statement that you probably didn't read the articles I linked to nor have you likely ever read Vanity Fair. It's liberal (except for some of Christopher Hitchens' contributions), but it's not a tabloid.

    I remember reading the MJ articles as they came out (the first one is from '94 or '95) and not being able at the time to draw a conclusion definitively one way or the other. I felt the same way after rereading the first one yesterday. There were so many people involved, Pellicano, the private investigator, all the lawyers, MJ's employees. And the boy's family was definitely going for the big bucks. Maureen Orth's articles are not one-sided.

  • avishai

    I agree with most of what you say TMS, but there are child molesters who are not aggressive at all: they are patient, indulgent, gentle and nearly passive. They spend more time "grooming" the child (which they genuinely enjoy) and the sexual payoff is almost secondary. But they are ultimately relentless. I believe MJ was of this type. He may never have actually gone beyond touching and playing, tickling and hugging. But that could be very damaging to a child who realizes that this doesn't "feel right."


  • Dagney

    Good description BB.

    What is the proper punishment for that behavior?

    Just thinking outloud folks.

    Edited to say "Thx for posting the Vanity Fair links. Going to read more tonight."

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    I am also on the side that I do not think he actually sexually molested the kids he was with, although I do believe what he did was completely inappropriate for a 40-50 year old man. I truly believe Michael either thought or convinced himself he was a child and he thought he was doing things any adolescent would do. There was a moletser in the extended part of my family and when it was discovered, he had a long list of victims which is typical for these pedos. Mike was an idiot that let himself get into a bad compromising position in 1993 and did not learn from the experience and it happened again in 2003. I know there is a lot of room as to what Michael exactly did with the kids that visited his place, but I do not believe he ever had intercourse or oral with any of them. If evidence proving such presents itself in the future, I will stand corrected.

    I agree with all of that Donny.

  • SixofNine

    Any truth to the rumor I'm just now starting that Michael Jackson made the boys dress up in bee costumes and sing a certain kingdom melody with their "bee-hinds" exposed?

  • warmasasunned

    some very good comments here,

    got to say if your ready to point the finger at the jw`s over paying out of court over the silent lambs issue,

    then you are an hypocrite if you dont point the finger at jackson.

    great entertainer but a very flawed human, would the people who stand up for him be so ready to defend their neighbour, workmate or even relative.

    just because he was a great singer dosent mean we should excuse his actions.

    just to add a question to all those willing to defend jackson.

    "did you ever think you would openly defend a pedophile, and would you, if he wasnt your favorite artist"

    double standards i think.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    Any truth to the rumor I'm just now starting that Michael Jackson made the boys dress up in bee costumes and sing a certain kingdom melody with their "bee-hinds" exposed?

    If it did happen, it would have to be song 125:

    I know that in this crucial hour

    My faith will yet be tested.

    Around me swarms the Devil’s crowd

    Like bees that were molested.

    Worst song ever!

  • avishai

    Gee, I wonder if there's people on here who don't think Woody Allen is a disgusto-perv either....

  • mamochan13

    I work with sexual assault victims. I'm not convinced MJ was the abuser he was portrayed to be. I'm troubled by the dollar amounts paid out to parent accursers, for one. I'm also troubled by the whole social worker culture that is often so self-righteous and judgemental. I've come up against some real horror stories in my work with families - and I know how often social workers will paint a parent, a family, as abusive when nothing of the sort has occurred. Yes, I believe children should be beleived and listened to, but I've seen too many occasions where well-meaning social workers have manipulated the child's story to fit the accusation to be completely comfortable with blanket acceptance.

    MJ was certainly guilty of extremely poor judgement. But as someone said earlier, none of us have lived in his world, and I'm sure it was not much fun living in MJs world in many respects

  • Badger

    I am/was a schoolteacher. I really, really wouldn't know unless I got a better look/listen to the kids. But the fact that there was blackmail before the fact raises doubts.

    Of course, this is Michael Jackson. If he actually did share a bed with a flock of boys and there was nothing sexual about it, I would hardly be surprised. I wouldn't have been surprised if Jackson was breeding unicorns.

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