How many here have worked in social work, etc. & DON'T think MJ was a molester?

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    Been working in day care and with children off and on for the past 20 years, and once turned in my boss for abusing a kid, slapping him so hard he was knocked down.

    Personally, the vibe I get from Jackson is that he was somewhat asexual, but trying to look confidently heterosexual in his performances and personal life because that's what's is considered "normal" in America.

    I think he put all his energies into his creativity and recently, his children, and was afraid of sexual contact and intimacy because of his body dysmorphia. That's an extreme form of obsessive compulsive disorder where you feel too ugly to be loved and see yourself as disfigured, and can be addicted to extreme dieting, exercise regimens and plastic surgery. Social phobia and depression tend to go along with it. Jackson exhibited all of these things. People with it tend to be secretive about their disorder and can mistakenly be thought of as being vain because of their preoccupation with appearance. They're just the opposite, they feel defective and often become very reclusive out of fear of inflicting their defects upon others.

    People with dysmorphic disorder tend to avoid intimate contact, feeling undeserving of sexual intimacy, too. They believe they're too hideous to ever be loved. I do think he enjoyed being around children more than most adults and that was for a couple of reasons. He felt children are less judgmental about appearances and more accepting in general (they aren't, actually, by age 5 children have definite views about who is fat, ugly, pretty, slim, etc), and also he felt he'd been deprived of his own childhood.

    Even Jackson's preoccupation with dwarves and "The Elephant Man" were manifestations of body dysmorphia. He felt he had physical defects and these were people who he identified with. The method he used to have children is how a person who is "defective" has children, they cannot have them naturally, so they use a surrogate mother. It's been discussed publicly whether these children are even his biological offspring. They don't look like him at all. He may have wanted children but not wanted to pass on what was to him his genetic "defects". Again, manifestations of body dysmorphia.

    Most of the adults he was friends with describe him as a very charming and humble person, charismatic, eccentric, a creative genius, obviously and yes, vulnerable and damaged in some way (he had body dysmorphia disorder and was also a hypochondriac..always worrying about his health and he did have some health problems, it seems). When it came to his music, he was focused and very hard working, but he tended to work intensely, in spurts and then recede in the background for a long period.

    Deepak Chopra, a doctor whose works I read and have a great deal of respect for, was a friend of Jacksons and says he had become addicted to pain medication, which he discovered when Jackson started asking him to write him prescriptions for oxycontin (he refused, telling him that there were better ways to manage pain). His dancing and performing had taken it's toll on his body, he was 50 and still trying to look and move like a 20 year old. There was a need to remain eternally young and boyish, obviously.

    Chopra also mentioned that his children were frequent visitors at Neverland and they have no signs of having been abused or molested, and were good friends with Jackson's children, playmates.

    The two occasions Jackson was accused of child molestation, well, as I remember (I might be remembering inaccurately) it was the parents who claimed the boys had been molested. The kids, upon examination, had signs of being coached by the parents, and weren't showing signs of trauma that children who have been molested exhibit. The parents were all too willing to accept money to make it "go away". Most parents who have children who have been molested would be more reluctant to be bought off, it seems to me, because if they had a case, they could win far more money for damages with a conviction than without one.That's mainly why Jackson was cleared of the charges. It may well have been an attempt to get money out of an obviously eccentric and troubled man.

    Or he simply may have had enough money to buy them off, but would you be bought off so easily if your child had obviously been molested?

    And yes, some social workers tend to be overly sensitive to child abuse, seeing it everywhere, because unfortunately, they do see more of it than the average person, a lot of their job is dealing with the result of abuse and neglect. (My daughter in law was a social worker, she had to quit because it depressed her too badly, but I've worked with many of them working in daycare and education for years). It's like how some cops see criminals everywhere because they deal with criminals all day.

  • BizzyBee

    No District Attorney would even contemplate prosecuting a case without enough evidence to at least have a chance of conviction. However, child molest cases are extremely difficult to prove. In MJ's case, the DA wanted to put a crimp in MJ's unbridled access to the droves of children coming to Neverland. In that, he succeeded.

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  • mkr32208
    ...You know, they're gonna jack off, watch movies, drink wine, you know. And, you know, he doesn't even really qualify as a pedophile...

    BULL FUCKING SHIT! If you're 40 years old and your 'jacking off' with 10 year olds you need to be hung-up from the closest GD tree!

  • rebel8

    To add to what mkr said--he gave children wine too. These are all classic pedo warning signs.

    There was also the kidnapping which he had admitted to at one point IIRC.

    I suspect mindmelda has hit the nail on the head re Body Dysmorphic Disorder. IIRC, he didn't exhibit many bizzarities until he had that burn accident. If a person has that disorder--or the seeds of it--a facial injury may put him over the edge.

    Without violating patient confidentiality, I'll just say in general terms that has been associated in some cases with pedos. Or at least it has been used as an excuse--not feeling confident enough to initiate/participate in sexual relationships with adults. (Emphasizing the word 'excuse'.)

    MJ was not too sick or too stupid to know 'jacking off with kids and feeding them wine', sharing a bed, or anything beyond that, was wrong wrong wrong.

    Personally if I ever had an urge to do anything sexual with a child, I'd permanently cure it with instant lead poisoning to the brain.

    It's unconscionable to commit such a crime.

  • rebel8

    Didn't he admit to undressing in front of kids, using the bathroom with the door open, sleeping in the same bed, giving them wine, kissing and tickling them excessively, not allowing the parents to have contact with their kids for days at a time, not allowing them to pass through the gate when it was time to pick them up? If he hadn't raped kids yet, another theory is he was on the road to doing so. Of course no one knows except the kids involved.

    Warning Signs

    The following is a list of signs that a person may be a potential sexual predator of children.

    1. Someone who engages in the collection, trading, and/or distribution of child pornography, especially a large volume of the material.(It is estimated over 35% of people who view child porn sexually abuse children)

    2. Someone who talks constantly about sexual activities of children.

    3. A person who spends his (or in the rare exception, her) spare time doing things with children and not adult friends.

    4. This person seems to always have a special child friend. And this friend might change from time to time.

    5. Someone who will ridicule a child by calling them names with a sexual tone. Names like slut, whore, stud etc.

    6. They will ask their adult sexual partner to act or dress like a child during sex.

    7. They will tell children to keep secrets and not tell anyone of certain activities.

    8. Someone who gives money to children or buys them expensive gifts for no known reason.

    9. A person who is overly affectionate with children. This might include kissing, tickling, hugging, wrestling or touching a child even when the child tells them to stop.

    10. Someone who walks in on children in the bathroom.

    11. A person who becomes defensive when asked about a child's health or they give conflicting stories about injuries.

    12. Habitual sexual offenders of children often gravitate toward postions of trust, in which they are in constant contact with the their victims, children. It is not unusual that habitual offenders are athletic coaches, teachers, or clergy.

    13. Pedosexual offenders often target vulnerable children for abuse. To insure that the offender can effectively "program" and "control" the victim there is usually a grooming process in which the offender evaluates the victim and learns how to manipulate the victim's emotions.

    14. Under this pretext an offender will say things like, "This is our little secret," and "I am your friend and your are my friend,".

    15. Threats of retaliation directed at the victim if that victim should report the perpetrator are common.

    Statistics concerning pedosexual offenders and their victims

    1. 250,000-500,000 pedophiles reside in the United States. - Source: U.S. Department of Justice

    2. Convicted child molesters who abused girls had an average of 52 victims each. Men who molested boys had an astonishing average of 150 victims. - Source: In a study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health Dr. Gene G. Abel, Emory University
    3. The typical child sex offender molests an average of 60 to 117 children, most of who do not report the offense. - Source: The National Institute of Mental Health, 1988

  • flipper

    AVASHAI- I have never worked in social work , but from the preponderance of evidence , Jackson supplying alcohol to minors, showing them porn, I mean even Quincy Jones in his interview with Brian Williams stated he " didn't understand why Michael had lots of pictures of blue eyed blonde haired children all over his house and he thought it was very strange. " So professional people who worked with Jackson even saw he was bizarre.

    Just because a person is cleared in a court of law does NOT mean he or she is innocent of charges . Michael Jackson had the $$$$$ to either pay the best attorneys to get him off , and he might have paid big $$$$$ to get that psychologist to say what he did. I think we have learned from the O.J. trial that the same set of values set out to judge the poor in our society are NOT the same set of values that are used to judge the rich and wealthy.

    As I mentioned on another thread I find it incredible and very ironic that some of the same people on this board who condemned the WT society for settling out of court with child abuse victims in the millions $$$$$ in 2007 with a resulting gag order on the JW victims - are in the same breath able to turn a blind eye to Michael Jackson essentially doing the same thing in 1993 , settling out of court with resultant gag orders on victims , and then settling AGAIN in 2005 ! I think we have some star struck posters here who have stars in their eyes - as well as inside their heads

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    What FHN said.

    As for whether or not MJ was a pedophile, I guess we'll never know for sure. It's a shame the parents of the alleged victims went for the quick money instead of letting it play out. I don't know if he was a victim of extortion, but he was certainly the perfect target: Loaded with money, and a public perception that was at best, weird.

    I also agree that grown men inviting young boys to stay over and sleep in the same bed is not socially acceptable behavior, whether he was a pedophile or not. At the very least it was a sign of deep psychological issues.

  • Yizuman

    Hey, ya know that the cops are investigating his death. Which means they'll have a search warrent to search the house MJ was in. So me wonders what they will find when they search it. Especially MJ's computers, laptops, ipod, whatever. Maybe a box of pictures as well?


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    THEY should be hung!

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