Things that Annoy Me in Grocery Stores - How About You ?

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  • beksbks

    Josie! You come over on grocery day, we'll have a blast!

  • mrsjones5

    You got a WinCo or Grocery Outlet down there?

  • Snoozy

    I too love grocery shopping . I remember when I didn't though. Now that I am retired I can stand back and's funny how not being in a hurry can change your disposition...much more enjoyable.

    I am an older woman, but I give coupons to the cashier immediately when I have them, I will let someone with one item in front of me , I patiently wait if someone is blocking an aisle, I pay with a debit card so everything is quick, I hate writing checks so only do so for bills, (Unless I put them on easy pay). I don't block aisle's, I don't hold up the lines by talking to the cashiers, (just enought to be courteous) I am such a nice shopper...

    I have noticed that the cashier that talks too much tends to make errors by either ringing up the same product twice or not at all. Here where I am they don't handle problems like have to go wait in another line at the courtesy desk!...(Even if it is only a dime)

    Another thing I have noticed is some that I guess have non tax letters or charity vouchers? Instead of telling the cashier when they first get there they wait untill she is finished and then whip the letter out..then she has to go all the way back through their purchases to verify certain products and record them on the that does tie up a line. It would be nice if the checker would inform her line that it may be tied up fro a while so they could move.


  • rebel8

    People who shout halfway across the store to talk to their family. It's just rude.

    These are the same people who huff and demand you say "excuse me" when you're walking in between them and an item they're looking at, even if it's 10 feet away and there is no other way around them.

    I guess they are mad to not have uninterrupted views of their foodstuffs.

  • AuntBee

    The stores in our area are on a "friendliness" campaign. So, you go in , someone says "Hi, are you finding everything ok?" Then while you're shopping, that will happen again to you, usually at least twice. Then the cashier asks the same thing. Then the cashier asks do you need some help out. THen sometimes she asks - are you sure you don't need some help out? Then the bagger may also ask -- do you need some help out?

    I"m a very friendly person, but at some point, i just start keeping my eyes low to the ground, so i can just get in there and out of there, thank you very much! I've got more fun stuff to do, like go to JW conventions, don'tcha know? sheesh!

  • dmouse

    I've lost count of the amount of times I've walked into the back of someone who has just stopped to count their change in the doorway on their way out!

    I don't get upset anymore, I find it fascinating, but these are the rules of my shopping experience:

    Someone in the queue in front of me will always do one of the following:

    • Forget his card PIN code, or uses a card that's mysteriously rejected ("oh, I can't understand, there should be plenty of credit in it")
    • Argues when the checkout won't accept an out of date voucher, or one for something they haven't actually purchased.
    • Queries half a dozen prices on the receipt (she's usually mistaken)
    • Breaks the card reading machine
    • Manages to bring something to the checkout that the store doesn't actually sell, so there's no price.
    • Brings an item with a damaged bar code which won't scan.
    • Asks for some really bizarre service like 'I understand I can pay my electricity bill here using these saver stamps' (and only the supervisor who turns up 10 minutes later knows how to do it)
    • Splits a package and insists on a new one (and the one assitant they summon to fetch it can't find it!)
    • Knows the checkout operator well and starts discussing her recent hospital operation
    • Realises he has forgotton something and just 'nips' back to fetch it.
    • Is told by the checkout that this was a 'Buy-one-get-one-free' offer and has to go and fetch another one.
    • Trys to pay with foreign currency and feigns surprise when this is not accepted.

    I could go on - new ones crop up every week. But I have never, ever, had everyone in front of me at a supermarket checkout simply pass their items through the checkout, pay for it and leave.

  • Magwitch

    I used to not be able to handle it when people would be taking their time strolling along the aisles. When I would see someone standing still reading a label I would want to scream or cry! I was running from pillar to post 19 hours a day; I was always between meetings, service, homeschooling kids (yes, it is true - 10 years worth), running kids to lessons, bringing food to someone at the hall, giving someone from the hall a ride to the dr, taking care of some sister's kids, preparing a talk, studying for the meetings and of course serving a needy husband that needed constant attention. OMG going to the grocery store was a reminder that everyone had more time than me.

    3 years post Borg...going to the grocery story reading labels is actually quite fun...hardly anything bothers me anymore! I have time to enjoy life for the first time.

  • flipper

    Wow ! I go away to work for one night and Wham ! Tons of responses ! Must be a common concern we all have . I'll answer to you all as a group since there are so many responses ! Thanks ! Good God !

    To those of you who know me as having a calm demeanor- well yes, I do have a calm demeanor - however I get irked just like the next person at self absorbed shoppers blocking aisles, blocking trying to get items off shelves , being inconsiderate taking too long at the checkstand - everything you folks mentioned. I mean it doesn't mean I'm shopping going around with a scowl on my face for Christ's sakes - I'm an upbeat guy - I just " quietly " get annoyed - I don't get into fights with people over it.

    Another issue that I find strangely hilarious but also a bit irritating is as you are approaching a check out line with your full cart - some middle aged person who looks out of shape physically is actually running ( or walking extremely fast ) with their cart to beat you for a position at the checkout line !! I mean - what am I going to do crash into their carts and say, " No me first ! I was here first !! " LOL! Usually I just let them go ahead since they are in such a hot a$$ hurry. But I find this bizarre as well. Keep the responses coming ! This is a fun thread ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • VIII

    All of the above.

    I purchased, at Wal-Mart, and Target, those *Green* bags which are recycled and reusable. You can fit so much more in when you check out and they are easier to carry into the house. The only problem is the check out people--they have no clue how to fill them.

    Since they hold more and the checkout clerk is used to the circular thingy that they can twirl and decide if your tomatoes should go on top of that can of beans, the "Bring Your Own Bags" ruin their bagging style.

    I had a cart load at the Super Wal-Mart yesterday. A lady and man, both in their 60's got behind me with about 10 items in their cart. They should have gone to the Express lane and done it themselves. If was their problem they got behind me.

    The woman kept sighing and making huffing noises because the checkout clerk had to bag my stuff using my *Special Bags*. I could see this old bat's ire, at me, before I started putting my stuff on the belt. I decided not to let them in front of me. Normally, with a friendly nod from someone, I will. I can live with the wait. Not for her.

    It actually took 12 minutes to check out. She was furious.

    I felt glad I made her mad. All she had to do was go to the *Do it Yourself* Express lane which was open. Lazy toad.

  • beksbks
    The woman kept sighing and making huffing noises because the checkout clerk had to bag my stuff using my *Special Bags*.


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