Things that Annoy Me in Grocery Stores - How About You ?

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  • purplesofa

    Witnesses that do informal witnessing in the grocery lines, you know, it's always the setting for sisters talks in the Ministry School!!!


    Purps..Reminds me of my mom..We`re in a liquor store..My mom is about 60 at the time..She looks at the cashier and say`s:"Did you know aging is an unatural process."..The cashier just rolled her eyes..End of conversation!..................LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • Finally-Free

    Cashiers that try to get out of bagging the groceries. Sorry, but if I have to bag my own groceries I'll go to No Frills or Price Chopper and save a few bucks.


  • Pandoras cat11
    Pandoras cat11

    You guys must shop at my store, I know these people you speak of. Here are few more to add to the list.

    1. When did grocery shopping become a family vacation? Mom, Dad, and their four kids block all of the aisles.

    2. Talking really loud on the cell-phone---makes me cranky.

    3. Foreigners with B.O who rudely stand in your persoal space as you pay!!!!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    In Seattle, those robot self-scan checkouts are becoming pretty common. They provide a great way for a former checker to move on to a career as a COBOL database programmer or a NASA scientist specializing in ion propulsion systems.

    Yeah, I'm joking.

    But what gets me even more than the marginally employable losing their jobs so that corporate buffoons can be given bigger bonuses is that fairly often I find one or more of the robot-checkouts roped off and unavailable for use. What? Are the robots on vacation, or is it time for their Marvel Mystery Oil break? Or are they being audited because one was caught embezzling a nickel?

    Another thing that I think is a stroke of pure genius is the flight attendant in charge of the chicken rotisserie who thinks that RUBBER BANDS are a great way to keep the chickens immobile on the spit while they're being cooked.

    Who doesn't enjoy the smell and taste of rubber with their chicken?


  • OnTheWayOut

    When they scan something and the price is wrong. I think that 98% of the time, the price is too high.
    Some stores have a policy that you get the item free (up to $5) if you catch such an error, but you have to catch it.
    Most stores do not have that policy.

    The absolute worst is when the person in front of you is all rung up and they don't have enough money.
    "Try taking out the liverworst. Now, maybe the eggs." They never just put the liquor back or the steak, they gotta find some odd combination to hit it just right at what's in their pocket.

    Generally, I just don't get uptight. I talk to people in line (unless they don't want that). I never never never switch lines. I would much rather be in the wrong line than to switch to the wrong line from the right line.

  • Blithe Freshman
    Blithe Freshman

    I hate shopping. I rarely have a bad experience, I just would rather stay home & clean toilets. I'm want a store with a website I can push my curser down a virtual aisle, click on items & add them to my cart. Check out with my debit card & get delivery the next day.


  • DJK

    I see people stuffing their face in the produce department when store employees aren't looking. I saw a woman open a bag of almonds, eat a handful and hide the bag in another aisle. Parents do the same, giving their children candy and crackers and then disposing of the packages before they get to the register.

    Monday I was checking out and the couple in front of me were unloading their carriage. They left a case of soda on the bottom rack. When the cashier was finished I knew the soda wasn't charged so I commented. "Did you forget something?" The guy was pissed and made it obvious he was trying to get away without paying for it. Yah, I'm a dink to point these people out, but they drive up the costs.

    It seems everyone wants to buy the same things I want. When I get to an item I want, I have to wait for others to get out of the way.

    The aisles are narrow and nowadays they stock only during the day. The stockers and their carts block the aisles and when a lot of people are shopping it turns into a traffic nightmare.

    Talk about yogurt. The yogurt aisle is twenty feet long and they are always stocking the yogurt I want to buy.

    I've pissed off many cashiers for this. They weigh produce with something else half on and half off the scale. When they finish weighing all my produce, I have them do it over and I have saved more than three dollars more than once.

    Shopping sucks.

  • Satanus

    Reading this stuff has speeded up my breathing. Yes, i can relate. Sometimes, the crappy music being played too loud drives me out the door. Once, two casheirs thought that w a lineup of about 5 people, it was a good time to have a convo w eachother. After a bit, i put my stuff down on the floor and walked out. Hehe.


  • DJK

    If I go to the end of my street, I can turn left for a Market Basket store and I can turn right for another Market Basket store. The store to the left has a high volume of ethnic people and that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is these people talk very loud and they let their children go wild in the store. I'm not racist, but I turn right for a slightly more serine shopping experience.

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