Just my 2 Cents.......Go ahead and FLAME AWAY.....I won't reply

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    "Purplsofa i will not post anymore on this thread, I think mrsjones among others have highlighted my point to the initial poster well, I don't want anyone coming on these sites and not recognising the only agenda is hatred of Jehovah witness religion and it's leaders. the loving nickname the majority use for Jws on here aka 'Borg' should say enough without anymore words from me.


    Oh pooh pooh Reniaa, you're no savior.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Purplsofa i will not post anymore on this thread

    Right. So you're an arsonist, you start a fire and then step back and wonder why everyone is making such a fuss.

    Jehovah's Witnesses refused to answer me 20 years ago. I'm not at all surprised you won't either.

  • JWdaughter

    Welcome to the board.

    I think your story is interesting. You tell of you yourself not always doing the JW thing that is taught and EXPECTED of you, and you point out the hypocrisy of other religions. When JWs here are speaking of the heinous things that happened to them as JWs, you have just validated that those things are indeed what is SUPPOSED to happen and what is EXPECTED of JWs-like not going to weddings or funerals held for non-JWs or in churches or with other pastors.

    Yes, you will drink to excess and go to meetings with a hang over. Just like some in 'christendom' do. Most in 'christendom' are trying to live out their faith too. And like you, some fail big and/or small, but they all fail in 'expectations' sometimes, don't they?

    If you really believe all the WT teaching and are comfortable with flouting all the god given instruction from the WT, fine. I am glad you show your non-JW family and friends love and concern and hope that one day you will not have to choose between your God given inclinations to love and your WT-god given instructions to shun non-JWs, churches, etc. Cause it looks like the line is being drawn in the sand and you will have to choose sides one day.

  • purplesofa


    Sometimes I would like to see you be able to make a post and that's just what it is a post, your opinion, your perspective, your take on things, just as most posters do.

    I have myself, forgotten about a certain topic, only to post to make a comment to YOU, specifically. Not very many times, as these threads are over my head sometimes and frankly, I don't care about some of them.

    I would also like to say that if this board is to remain interesting and attract JW's to it, I mean afterall it does say it is a Jehovahs Witness Board, to discuss things JW related AND make friends, we (as a board) must be inviting, which this thread shows does happen. Remember how bored we got waiting for newbies to be able to register?

    So, I just don't want words put in my mouth that I do not want you to post on this thread, it just seems so hard for US to refrain from just letting you post and let it be.


    Welcome to the Board, scrapmamma, hope you stay and continue to learn, whatever the outcome is


  • beksbks
    the loving nickname the majority use for Jws on here aka 'Borg' should say enough without anymore words from me.

    Yep, it should explain the way a bunch of people who narrowly escaped a mind control cult feel about the experience.

  • mrsjones5

    "the loving nickname the majority use for Jws on here aka 'Borg' should say enough without anymore words from me."

    I do so love that nickname!


  • diamondiiz

    Hello Scrapmama777:

    "I have very good friends who are JW’s AND I also have very good friends who are NOT. I personally never judge a person just because they are NOT a witness. Yes, I am aware that is NOT what we are taught, but we ARE taught that Jehovah is the only one who has the right to judge the heart. My friends who are non JW’s do NOT judge ME because I AM a Witness, like you all. They love me for the person that I am, not what I believe in."

    What you don't understand is the facts about the Watch Tower. I've been where you are and I've done my research into the history of doctrine and actions taken by the governing body and I have concluded they are blood guilty men. Since Rutherford the cult mentality has been created within the congregations where you can not even study the bible on your own terms. Governing body crerates this cult mentality within the organization that most people are too blind, scared or too uneducated to look deep into the Watch Tower history and reason on the facts themselves. Few that do, realize that they've been lied to and have very few options. In my circamstance, I didn't have any of my blood relitives in Watch Tower religion so I've chosen a path of disassociation and have set myself free from mind control. Many others who have come to know the truth about the governing body and it's action have many friends and family within the religion and for that reason, many choose not to walk away completely. So, as you've pointed out that you have friends within Watch Tower religion and out. Those on the out do not judge you for what you believe but the ones on the inside will. You could be a greatest perant in the world and once you tell your witness friends the facts about governing body you will be labeled and apostate and they will judge you as unworthy of their association. True, maybe not all witnesses would completly shun you but most will and those are not true friends in my books. I rather have a friend I can trust especially when I have not said a lie and Watch Tower witnesses are not those type of friends for most part. Quick example: In the 1960 governing body allowed Mexican witnesses to bribe officials to obtain a card stating they've put in their type in the army thus they could obtain passports and have a somewhat more relaxed life within the country. At the same time, Malawi witnesses would get raped, killed for not paying few cents for a political card which would allow them to be free in that country. Two very similar govenment documents but two completly different outcomes. Double standard? Why did governing body allow this? Could it be that the property they owned in Mexico should have been under government control like all other religions had to? But Governing Body didn't want that so they had Cultral Halls in Mexico instead of Kingdom Halls. They claimed they only gained religious freedom in the late 1980s when in fact they could have been a recognized religion since 1917 except they could not own property. So for the sake of money and greed they didn't want to stir trouble for Mexican witnesses while they didn't have much to loose with Malawi witnesses? I would say that the blood of Malawi witnesses is on governing body's hands. They are blood guilty! This is only one example. So do your own research and maybe find out facts before you label everyone here hating JWs which isn't the case for most part but rather it's the governing body who hides behind their corporation that people hate. They are the criminals that should be exposed. Do your own extensive research on Watch Tower doctrine and chronology and when an urge overtakes you to reason that it's a new light, ask yourself when did this new light occur and maybe why at that time? Was there a new president elected reasently or who benefited by the change. As as mentioned true friends you can trust and those you can't. Why do witnesses trust governing body whom they don't know other than what they tell you about themselves - in otherwords they are the ones that tell you Jehovah trusts them and Jesus trusts them. Have you ever heard Jehovah or Jesus tell anyone that? You take their word but will reject your close friends and family who you personally knew for years just because strangers tell you so - does that make any sense? Think about it.

  • shamus100

    Oh gawd,

    Reinna leaves again! Damn, I hope you find what you are looking for, and become a success at something! Because you sure aren't successful at your religion, or being an apostate. Your self-esteem will improve when you do become successful, and you will be able to actually refutiate people like me.

    The truth hurts Reinna. That's why you run with your tail between your legs every time we tango.

    As for the original poster, why don't you stay and ask some questions. You've already committed the disfellowshipping offence for just registering here, and another day isn't going to hurt you.

  • cognac

    As for the original poster, why don't you stay and ask some questions. You've already committed the disfellowshipping offence for just registering here, and another day isn't going to hurt you.

    Oh, goodness! This brings back so many memories!!! I took almost a week off work because i was petrified of walking out of my apartment cause I thought lightening would strike me for speaking with apostates!!! Literally, I would not leave my apartment at all!!!

  • shamus100


    Registering here was a HUGE step for me too. I could not bring myself to even look at apostate websites while a dub. I felt terrible even not being active and hating 'da truuf'.

    Not anymore.

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