Just my 2 Cents.......Go ahead and FLAME AWAY.....I won't reply

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  • wary

    Hi srappy,

    I was like you. Totally upholding any and all beleifs.

    I decided to strengthen my faith and knowledge regarding our stand on blood as I faced major surgery.

    My study, was to help me explain to the surgeon our beliefs and avoid blood.

    What I learned, the real facts about blood and the socitey's history, on this and other subjects truley shocked me, as a loyal member, former pioneer and MS

    That was last year and now I no longer consider myself any part of it. I am sad because it was a great hope, but now I realize just a pipe dream and a very selfish one.

    I also learnt that a former member of our governing body left the fold and wrote an expose of the religion, which was an eye opening and life changing read. Also two other members of the same group have dubious sexual histories. And they are governig body supposedly being used by God and feeding us with accurate knowledge.

    I could go on and on with examples, but it means nothing untill you realize yourself you are being duped. And it is, a rude awakening.


  • GoddessRachel

    I don't think I have a lot to contribute to this discussion that hasn't already been said, but I just wanted to say, Hi Scrapmama!


  • flipper

    Scrappy- Welcome to the board ! Looks like you've gotten many replies. Of all sorts. I was a born-in witness for 44 years . Got out 5 years ago at age 44. I was a ministerial servant - gave many parts , lots of talks , turned my time in, raised my hand at meetings, everything witnesses are expected to do for outward appearances and being approved by Jehovah, er, the WT society.

    I discovered a lot of things AFTER leaving the witnesses about how other religions use " cult mind control" to control their members so they won't think for themselves. You know, cults like the Scientologists , Moonies, Mormons, etc. I would like to recommend you read 2 very enlightening books by Steve Hassan No- he's not an apostate or ex-witness, he's a counselor ) . The titles of the books are " Combatting Cult Mind Control" and " Releasing the Bonds- Empowering People to Think for Themselves ". If you would PLEASE just read these 2 books - I would be so happy . I care for you and want to assist you. Have a good day. Hope to hear more from you on the board here

  • beksbks

    Forget Jehovah! Look at those thrown buns!

  • chrisjoel

    Hey there..i dont really post all that much but i do come on from time to time and I read your post. I cant agree with you more because you remind me of the type of JWs my parents and brothers are...pretty secure and happy and nothing is wrong in their world. All is well. Everything is exactly as it should be. There are JWs that cant help but question things and those that make up for all that by adjusting to the life and living it quit happily. Instead of a "my relgion right or wrong" attitude, you can allow yourself the benefit of a certain amount of freedom within the group. But when pressed eventually you fall into line.

    The more you read on here the more it will make you queston your faith. Thats extemely dangerous. At the moment you have your zeal in tact. Blissfully ignorant of many things. Do you really want to lose what you have right now?

    Personally I do not regret leaving the organization because I just felt let down in the honesty department. But my son is still in. There are times i wish i never left just so i could be with him. I have no problem in giving up my life for him if need be, but im the bad guy and im shunned, and very possibly will never see him again. So think long and hard and plan your moves WISELY always thinking before you speak. Eventually you may find that you can live quite happily knowing any hypocrisy you uncover OR you may have a crisis of conscience.

  • purplesofa

    The more you read on here the more it will make you queston your faith. Thats extemely dangerous. At the moment you have your zeal in tact. Blissfully ignorant of many things. Do you really want to lose what you have right now?

    Very good to point out and something to seriously think about.



    ScapMamma..LOL!!..I love it!..Good board name!!.................ScrapMamma..Welcome!!.........You can speak your mind here,as you can see..We have one of the coolest Crews in JW Land..Active JWs,Inactive JW`s..Former JW`s..Gilead Grads..Bethelites.. ect ect..ect..We got em all......................Then there`s Reniaa....We have no frigg`n idea what shes about.....................LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • AllTimeJeff

    Just getting back after a few days away and... wow!

    Scrappymomma, if you have made decisions before, you can make decisions again. JW's actively knock on doors to preach, and to highlight flaws and perceived lies in other faiths. Can you blame those here who do the same? Especially with the experience many of us (myself included) possess?

    I would again reiterate that there is a lot of hurt people here. Rather then focus on their emotions, I would suggest examining their reasons. Just like a pioneer will happily go to his/her car group and report that "I have found a disgruntled Catholic..." and focus on what that Catholic doesn't like about their church, you will find the same here. While I will leave that to you to interpret as you will, suffice to say, all faiths, including Jehovah's Witnesses, have their problems and incorrect teachings too. Can others be blamed for pointing them out in the same spirit as JW's do door to door with other faiths?

    Although I have nothing to do with what you think or feel, I wish you the best and hope that of all things you keep, you will be both an open heart and mind.

  • bobld

    Is Scrapmama777 for real or just fishing.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Stick around Scrappy. Once you unshackle your mind from 'rock solid' ideas - the sort that prove themselves not so rock solid - things might look a little different.

    There is a lot of anger here toward Jehovah's Witnesses. That is hard to understand while you are 'inside' and 'feeling the love'. But once you find out things that convince you that God could never use such a vile religion as 'his name people', elect to leave without a fuss, and then have all your lifelong 'friends' turn on you like wolves, your mind might just change.

    My reason for leaving was the lack of love. That shortage was increased empirically with my decision. People I had known and loved [and still love] for well over 45 years just stopped speaking to me. No one called to ask why I had left. The entire congregation boycotted my mother's funeral [also a Jw - though inactive]. All of this, literally 3 years before I finally DA'd.

    My best friend, who happened to be my cousin, stopped speaking to me, wouldn't answer my emails or letters. This is the guy that I spent two years up nights keeping him from committing suicide over a broken marriage. And then, poof, he won't even speak to me? No judgementalism there!

    Well, I could write a book about all the hateful, vengeful, judgemental shit that comes from Jw's. THEY are the most judgemental people in the world. But then how could you help it? You are taught all your life to believe that soon, very soon, Jehovah is going to wipe out nearly 7 billion people. Their sin? Not being in your little religion! Yeah - that will make you damned judgemental I imagine.

    What I have to wonder is this: Why does a good little, sheltered Jw woman, come on an evil apostate website, and write pages about how evil these people here have become? [After all - isn't that just what we EVIL APOSTATES are supposed to be like?]

    I suppose it is purely viewpoint isn't it?

    I bash religion that tells it's people to shun me, to allow their children to die without proper medical care, to spread false prophecy, to ignore the need for higher education. I bash religion that tells me that it is wrong to belong to the Y, yet they join the UN as an NGO for 10 years, then lie about it to the people in the religion when found out. So forth.

    You bash people on forums that point out such things. You think you are doing it because we are evil apostates. You are really doing it because it hits a nerve. I gotta ask just what the hell you expected to find on a site full of former Jw's who are all now treated like dogshit by family, friends?

    You are either not for real - or you are so absolutely hoodwinked that you refuse to see the forest. Welcome to the forum. Those trees will become visible if you stick around a while. If not - you will continue to believe whatever the Watchtower leadership throws in the trough.


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