Since you on the right won't answer this question. Abortion

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  • SixofNine

    The bible has it right, life begins with breath.

  • Brother Apostate
    Brother Apostate
    I would appreciate it if you answered about rape and incest.

    Two wrongs don't make a right. Murdering an innocent human is not the answer. Adoption is a choice that is ethically sound, but never murder of the innocent.

    While we're at it, why not ask the next question in this line of discussion- what about capital punishment? Isn't that where this line of questioning always goes?

    I'm all for capital punishment for murder and rape- ONLY in cases that can be absolutely proven. Videotaped, incontravertible DNA evidence, caught red-handed, etc.

    Execution of those guilty of murder or rape.

    Life for the innocent.

    BA- That' the way I see it.

  • dawg

    I appreciate your passion Lavender... but we all were once sperm and eggs too, they aren't humans at that stage either... just because eggs become fertilized by a sperm doesn't make them human at that point. They are in fact simply fertilized eggs.

    As stated earlier, no one I know would be able to identify the clumps of cells we call blastocysts (day 5 of fertilization) as a "human"... they probebly wouldn't even know what they were looking at under the scope if no one told them.

    I do not question the passions any of you have for wanting to defend life, in fact I find that noble... I'm very happy that I figured out how to not have babies a long time ago.... but find it hard to imagine that you who disagree would call folks murderers that see blastocysts as fertilized eggs and not human beings.

    Murderers? Are you sure you feel that strong about this?

  • BurnTheShips

    Even in cases of rape or incest, a unique human being has come to exist by the usual means of sex. It should not pay the price of losing its life for the decisions of others. This is not justice.


  • dawg

    I sure would appreciate someone with computer skills posting s photo of a blastocyst on this page.... Please!

  • BurnTheShips
    The bible has it right, life begins with breath.

    Really? I did not know that you subscribed to a literal interpretation of the first two chapters of Genesis. Do you in fact do so? Every living thing breathes. BTS

  • SixofNine

    "if a Zygote is not human......then what is it??"

    Don't be silly; it is what it is. it's a zygote. A bunch of cells from an often unholy coupling of a man's "skeet" as it is often called in today's world, and a woman's egg. Had that same unholy coupling taken place a few days later, coincidence may have seen to it that the woman's egg was not in place for the man's skeet to fertilize and thereby produce the zygote growing inside her.

  • dawg

    As I said, I will not jump as I find the causes you defend noble, yet I find it hard to imagine that you'd not have a lady be able to take an "morning after" pill after she's been raped.

    And, let me repeat, I can see the point of defending human life, but blystocysts are certainly not human beings in my mind, and I find it inconceivable that you'd call someone that wants to terminate the unwanted fertilization of her body by someone that has abused her, leaving the lasting reminder of this offense for the rest of her life....

    Let me be specific, do you guys want a law that makes the person carry this fertilized egg? In other words morning after pills should be illegal?

    BA, I'm not talking about capital offenses here, I agree that there are cases that warrant this type punishment.

  • Robdar
    I think we are arguing two different things, I really want to understand your views, when you say "life begins at conception" are you saying that a zygote is in fact a human being

    If it's a human zygote, doesn't that make it a human being?

    But if you are asking when life begins, it's my opinion that life begins with the heartbeat. If you don't have a heartbeat on this side of the uterus, you are considered dead. The same should apply for the other side.

  • chickpea

    when i was taking a course in
    craniosacral therapy, we studied
    fetal development to an extent....

    my instructor had an eloquent explanation
    that has shaped my thinking about life
    in the womb....

    she said: if you had a picture of yourself
    at 12, you would not look at it as a 30 YO
    and say "that isnt me" or a photo at 4
    or a photo at 6 months, or an ultrasound
    and be able to say "that isnt me"

    even as a blastocyst, all the potential
    that is yet to come exists...
    if one could photograph the moment of
    one's conception, they cannot truthfully
    declare " that is not me"....

    that being said.... i am absolutely pro-choice

    simply enough, if one does not believe abortion is right.
    then by all means refrain from having one....

    overturning roe v wade does not stop abortions...
    it simply makes them illegal and dangerous

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