jw.org cart days numbered?

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  • cleanideas
    It's only a matter of time before insidetheKH leaves the JW's for good. Seriously, they clearly know the ramifications should the elders ever find out they frequent an "apostate" website. The elders would totally drag them into the back room for a nice long chat. And they would kiss the "privilege" of aux pioneering goodbye. But i'm glad. So many times I have seen people who are mega super JW's come on sites like this or make Youtube videos standing up for the JW's, to some years later feeling foolish of what they used to believe (including me) and leaving that religion. We will welcome you with open arms insidetheKH when that day comes, and help you as you transition from this cult. You won't agree now of course, but you will in time.
  • OrphanCrow
    insidetheKH: i did already come here on this forum long before i became a JW


    I have always wondered if the world actually had people in it who would knowingly join a death cult that allows the rape of children and oppression of women. Most people who join aren't privy to the intricacies of membership until they are already hooked - but you were.

    Wow. You actually joined the JWs after you knew about the blood transfusion ban that has cost so many lives, and after you knew about their horrific practice of covering up child rape/abuse and after you knew about their destructive policies around shunning?

    People like you do exist. No wonder patriarchal institutions that step on the human rights of people still flourish in our society.

  • steve2

    Our fellow apostate ITKH has more in common with us that with JWs that it is almost a shame to take him to task for his unverifiable assertions. We could charitably just keep handing him the rope over which he will eventually trip. Splat!

    He shares with us what he cannot share with the Witnesses (if any of his assertions are truthful); he cannot tell JWs that he visits this forum and engages in discussions with us.

    He must have a cast iron conscience for, presumably if he is an active Witness, he would "know" that his "God", Jehovah, "knows" he posts on this forum. I would expect that, unless he enjoys the Double Agent role, he is a far more robust doubter than he would share with us.

  • FayeDunaway

    Let's not bother him too much. We were all where he is right now at one time. If he wants to chime in occasionally that's ok with me.

    But kh, your avatar seems dying to get out of his cramped house. Seems like a good analogy to what it's like to be stuck in that religion. I think of it every time I see it. Trapped, cramped, stuck, oppressed. Yup, that's what it felt like. It's good to be out and to fall in love with God on my own and also worship in a community in freedom. Maybe you will find that someday I hope. You are maybe unhappy right now and someday you could be happy and free.

  • OrphanCrow
    FayeDunaway: We were all where he is right now at one time.

    I wasn't.

    I didn't join after having access to this forum. I was a born-in - I didn't make a conscious choice to join. Nobody told me about the shunning, blood sacrifices, etc., before I ended up sitting in the KH.

    If he wants to chime in occasionally that's ok with me.

    Oh, I agree - I have no problem with him being here - he sounds like he should be used to the heat by now, seeing as he was here even prior to him becoming a JW.

  • FayeDunaway

    That's true orphan, there's definitely a difference there.

    Maybe there was something lacking in his life, he didn't have a father maybe... Needed a patriarch. Or he sorely wants to see a dead loved one on paradise earth. That's the only way I can make sense of it, that he wanted to believe very badly for some reason.

    I haven't been out of the religion as long as this forum has been here, KH, but I believe you that we are probably talking about the same issues discussed then. Being torn apart from your family for simply not agreeing with them religiously kind of does that to people. Makes us frustrated at the religion controlling them, makes us want to speculate on when it will be over so that we can have them back. We just want or families back.

  • Truthexplorer
    itkh. I've had several shots of the carts. a couple of weeks ago, I had to squeeze a cart over my wife and daughters knees in the back of my car as my mother in law was in the front. the other cart was in the boot. My wife's face was a picture. I dropped them off to do the carts whilst heading off on some RV's. then had to do it all over again when returning the carts :-). it cheered me up seeing my wife's face in the mirror. 'Carts again next week dear'?
  • rebel8

    If they take something it is because they really want it.

    I am not sure I can believe that. I've done community events where we hand out free trinkets and people have physically pushed each other out of the way just to get some $.05 piece of plastic crap. We had to stop leaving stacks of stuff on the counters because people would walk by and sweep the entire lot into their purses. Once I was handing out pink rubber bracelets and an elderly man swept a bunch of them into a tote bag--I asked him what he planned on doing with them and he said, "Nothing, I just want them 'cause they're free."

  • joe134cd
    I can kind of see what inside the KH as having some truth to it (BTW I not an apologist either).I would say the likelihood of the literature been read would be higher because the person has taken the initial initiative, or in other words they have approached the cart because they are interested in a topic. Where as in the D2D work you are going to them with something they may not be interested in.
  • Lieu
    They should keep them and allow only the elderly & infirm to man them.

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