jw.org cart days numbered?

by jookbeard 85 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • steve2

    InsidetheKH, yeah ten years ago there were also JWs making hit and run comments on this site about there being no decline and all being well. Which raises the old, old question, If all is well, how come you're sniffing around this site in defiance of your Governing Body's frequent warnings not to visit this sort of site?

    I take it you must know better than the GB - which is a good start in thinking for yourself and drawing your own conclusions. Keep it up!

  • punkofnice
    My wife does cart 'witnessing' every week...

    Dare you ask what her experience (no pun intended), is with this method?
  • Vidiot

    The only kind of experience you need to do cart witnessing is displaying loyalty.

    (It certainly doesn't require training.)

  • ttdtt

    jookbeard - what you are describing is the SOP of most pioneers. Drive around - waste time - get coffee.

    That is not an indicator of the GB dropping what has become the least effective means of gaining new cult members:)

  • Vidiot

    @ ttdtt...

    It ain't about gaining new members, and - frankly - hasn't been for a while.

    It's about keeping the members they have, by making it easier to be one.

  • jookbeard
    interesting point Vidiot,clearly being a jw is far more easier than when I was a jw, less meeting,less assemblies, pioneer hours reduced, bethel cutbacks so no pressure on those to try and join, less literature, so much for the "life saving" message that they are meant to be commissioned to preach to the world about, I wonder if that is an official policy about trying to keep the members they have or just an unwritten one, they still haemorrhage members though.

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