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  • jookbeard
    reading a report of an elder in a friends cong has been hiding and spying on the pioneers who seem to have a practise of dumping the cart and finding a local coffee shop, I've noticed that they do this in my local high street as well but this week they seemed to be all huddled around the cart, they've clearly been warned, a vast percentage of the time I see they seem to be more interested in fiddling with their mobile phones and gossiping, is just seems these carts are a means for the pioneers to turn in "easy time" I wonder what sort of figures show how much literature is being taken by the public? I bet its very minimal. naturally the GB would say they are a phenomenal success , we clearly know they are not. The cart days could be numbered?
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    jookbeard: "The cart days could be numbered?"

    Nope. When has the Governing Body ever dropped a bad habit?

  • stillin
    But the cart sounds so HAPPY in that song!
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Maybe the cart pushers can't stand the singing.
  • OnTheWayOut
    If Watchtower was profiting from literature, they would be concerned about the carts. I think it's the opposite. Carts keep JW'S out in "service" with minimal placements. Profits come from the members' pockets so keep giving them easy service time. Money from mags, books is down so don't pressure anyone to place them. It's bizarre when members see easy time counting as a good thing instead of a waste of time.
  • TheListener

    Yep. It's busy work and has the side benefit of being a "privilege" to set some apart as special in the congregation.

    The dubs will stand by the cart for a week or two and then slowly go back to their natural state of drinking coffee and playing on their phones until someone guilts them again. so the cycle will continue. All the while carts will be a phenomenal success that all should reach out for the privilege of doing.. yuck!

  • _Morpheus
    OTWO nailed it. its a zero investment for the branch as it is, any return is 'free money', but money the point anyway. it's publicity and keeping the members busy.
  • insidetheKH

    My personal experience is that a lot of books and brochures are placed with the carts. In our territory we use two locations for the carts. One is near a high school and university the other one is on a busy open-air citymarket.

    people approach the carts and decide themselves if they would like to take some literature. If they take something it is because they really want it.

    Young people often take the Young People ask books and brochures on creation. At the market it is more bible teach books that are taken.

    If i compare two hours door to door work with two hours with a cart i must say from my own experience that the two hours with a cart yield better results. When going door to door most people that are visited are not interested. But every time i am with a cart i have spoken with a number of people that show interest and approached me instead of the other way around and decided to take some literature.

    In the back of the cart we keep a notebook and write down all experiences and placements and so i can see that others have the same experience when using the cart

  • TheListener
    That's great InsidetheKH. Sounds a lot like the way Jesus did his ministry.....
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    insidetheKH, I've noticed that your experiences are always different than other posters observations.

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