jw.org cart days numbered?

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  • sir82

    I believe InsidetheKH is in Europe, so his experiences are quite different than the ones from US posters.

    In my experience in hte USA, passersby just utterly ignore the JW trolleys. The publishers manning them look utterly bored.

    Of course, that is also probably a function of living in the USA. In my city, as in others I have visited, foaming-at-the-mouth fire & brimstone preachers who warn us that we are all going straight to hell are a common sight. People are accustomed to ignore religious peddlers on the street, JWs & their carts are just one more peddler to ignore.

  • floriferous

    You're are being naughty InsidetheKH............those 40 hours of 'witnessing' are worthless in the eyes of the lord whilst you are fraternizing with us 'apostates'.


    InsidetheKH is making Jeehoobster sad by posting on this forum. Could it be possible that KH feels he/she/them gets a free pass from Jeehoobidoob??!!

    Many zealots on this forum think that the rules don't apply to them. Maybe KH is actually a GB member or helper? That would explain a lot of things. The rules certainly do not apply to those further up the hierarchy.


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I have friends in the city who have been involved with cart/table witnessing since the pilot "Manhattan" project. They have told me that they do "place" a lot of literature and that mostly religious crazies talk to them (trying to convert THEM!)

    I asked them how many people had "come into the truth" or started attending meetings as a result of cart witnessing in the past three (or four now?) years of doing this work.

    Answer: zero.

  • insidetheKH

    @Village aux. pioneer. No i do not count any minute that i am on here.

    @sir82 right Europe

  • respectful_observer

    @insidetheKH. Thanks for your posts, I always appreciate content from all perspectives.

    There are so many extremes out there (and here), so your perspective fills in a vital blank and helps find the median in complex issues.

  • NVR2L8
    Recently I visited Seoul South Korea and saw a much larger display of JW literature that would equate to about 4 or 5 carts wide and the couple middle aged publishers were approaching people walking by at the entrance of a very busy high-end shopping area frequented by tourists. Police officers were watching from a distance. I attempted to talk to them but they didn't speak English so they offered me English publications. I told them I was a JW by pointing at them and me...I assume they understood because the man shook my hand with a big smile. Locals didn't seem to pay much attention to them and the fact they had publications in foreign languages may indicate they are targeting tourists.
  • Finkelstein

    I dont see the Cart being taken away anytime soon , for the simple reason its an easy way to get hours in, when you can sit or stand beside a cart or place it right next to a coffee shop and sip coffee.

    Now compare that to calling on people's doors dealing with their dogs and whatever.

  • leaving_quietly
    Our territory doesn't really have a place for cart witnessing. But we have a cart because the CO forced the elders to get one. It has been sitting in a corner, unboxed, in the elders' room for the last few months. I'm sure they'll drag it out before the next CO visit just for show.
  • FayeDunaway
    Inside the KH, I wonder why you come here. I'm very curious. Is it to represent the viewpoints of a true witness? Defend the Truth? You are never confrontational like some other witnesses that come here. Do you come here to see what 'the other side' is saying? You never say anything negative against the society, do you not feel anything negative, or can you just not bring yourself to say anything negative. Why do you go against the policy of not going on apostate sites?

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