jw.org cart days numbered?

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  • GrreatTeacher
    Yes, now there's really no reason the elderly and infirm can't pioneer.
  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    If you look at the topics from 12 years ago till now its always about...

    They didn't have these literature carts 12 years ago. Now they have JW TV and people like my elderly parents are trying to learn how to use tablets; but 12 years ago, they were condemning the Internet and counseling against buying all these technological gadgets. 12 years ago, the magazines were more frequent and had more pages, the meetings were more often and longer. Congregations hadn't been shaken down by the Corporation for money like they are now. 12 years ago, WT still owned all those Brooklyn properties (Furman sold in 2004. Since then they've sold $804,375,000* of property in Brooklyn with lots of other branch properties sold or currently for sale.). So you have to realize that this forum is keeping up with the changes of WT in the last 12 years.

    90% of the topics on here are ignored by me. I dont read them and i don't post in them.

    To a great extent, you are ignoring the subjects and experiences on here that are constantly evolving. If you only look for threads about "WT Society to End Soon!" you're limiting your available information as much as only focusing on all WT's prophecies of "This System to End Soon!"

    And the more information you have, the better decisions you can make.


  • Clambake

    I really wish I knew how to quote people.


    What kind of person would rather discuss statics over theology. You boast about the amount of time you spend in field service with no real knowledge outside of the copy and paste answers in your " reasoning from the scriptures " book.

    You are a f-ing joke man.

  • steve2

    It is not dissimilar to people who knowingly post provocative statements on this forum then decry other posters' vigorous responses. What else would you expect putting the cat among the pigeons?

    In large part, our apostate double-agent, ITKH, is learning that you get what you give. It doesn't justify some of the cruder responses from some posters, but it strongly suggests ITKH is not as "innocent" as he protests he is.

  • LisaRose

    Regarding the original topic, the literature carts, I doubt the organization will do away with them. I don't think they care if the people manning them are looking at their cellphone or going to Starbucks, anymore than they care if the average JW only knocks on three doors, talks to no one and then goes for donuts every Saturday. It's all about appearances, hours reported and keeping the flock busy. The average JW makes a pretence of preaching, and the Watchtower doesn't care because they no longer make money from it.

    The literature carts give the illusion that they are progressing and moving ahead, and that's enough to keep people contributing, at least for now. The slackers manning the carts probably feel slightly guilty for getting away with easy hours, and guilty people are easier to manipulate.

  • jwleaks

    It's quite possible trolley cart preaching will outlive the current generation of JW preachers.

    It's also possible that trolley carts might evolve into Watchtower vending machines.

  • jookbeard
    reading a few posts on here recently and I've certainly experienced it,is the amount of out of date magazines they show on the carts, the week before the memorial I caught them going D2D just across the road from me( I was emptying my trash) and one of them caught my eye and I waved him over for a chat, he was telling me about the memorial etc and I asked if he had the latest WT magazine he then pulled out of his bag a WT from December! I told him I'd already read it and if possible could he pop a latest one through my letterbox which he did the following day, but their cart in my town centre is constantly stocking out of date magazines, I wonder if this is a directive to run down the stock of all the old mags and perhaps they will pull the plug on them completely and just do online presentations?
  • ScenicViewer

    insidetheKH (describing this site): "The same kind of topics, the same mantra's , the same kind of views and thoughts etc. etc. Its just an endless repetition."

    You just described Jehovah's Witnesses to a tee -- (The gentile times have ended, Armageddon is just around the corner, We must act now, The time left is reduced, Always trust the faithful and discreet slave, etc, etc, said endlessly for almost 140 years) -- yet you joined them? That's very puzzling.

  • scotinsw

    I pass them frequently in the city of london. I have never seen anyone take anything from them but have seen the odd tourist asking for directions

    i also saw them recently stationed outside an abortion clinic surely that is a new low even for the dubs

  • kairos
    My wife does cart 'witnessing' every week...

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