When You Were a JWD Newbie - Were You Shown a Warm Welcome ?

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  • Hope4Others

    Actually, no one noticed I just slipped into a topic unannounced, and of course I felt rather shy to say "Hey guys I'm here."

  • scotsman

    There was no welcome committee when I joined, but I wasn't looking for one, nor was I looking for an online community to belong to. It's a discussion forum, not a club. To me.

  • sass_my_frass

    Absolutely. My first thread was from work, written within days of a JC disfellowshipping me. I'd been on the board for maybe five minutes. Some security thing went wrong and the essay I'd written with my story disappeared, so it just posted the subject: "I'm about to be disfellowshipped". I got peeved that all my writing had disappeared and gave up, but weeks after was back again and discovered that a couple of dozen strangers had taken just that one short cry for help and run to support me. It was the kindest thing that had happened to me in a long time, and I really needed it.

    I love everybody here!

  • boyzone

    No. I started off badly, its getting a little better but not much. I don't think I express myself very well on here. I always come across more serious than I intend

    Still perhaps if i introduce myself properly....

    My name is sharon, I'm 43 and mum to 4 boys. Was a JW for 21 years, disassociated myself 1 year ago after finding out that Jesus couldn't have chosen them in 1918 as they claimed. (Thanks Ray Franz!) Now loving life and my kids to the full with the freedom that dumping that lying religion has given me. Still angry at times but getting better. Shunned every day by ex witnesses I've known for years and can't avoid. Parents still in and I'm their main carer.

    sorry if this isn't on the right thread guys, just thought I'd take the opportunity. I'm really pleased to have found this forum, the info and experience you all have has been very helpful.

  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    I had a great welcome here, so much so that the next few posts I made were quite disappointing, but as I learned the personalities and dynamics of the board, I felt better!

    Welcome Boyszone!!! Glad you have stuck around!!! 4 boys - how do you do it girlfriend?


  • minimus

    NO WAY was I shown a warm welcome here. I was considered for many months into (for some) years as a fraud and a troll! Many hated me here. Hated the questions and the fact that I revealed little about myself because of fading slowly. From what I've been told Simon and certain mods did not like me or my style and many still don't like my presence here. I am tolerated by certain ones in charge but I'm on lifelong restrictions (similar to how a JW pedophile is supposed to be viewed).

    There have been more than a few that have made me feel VERY welcome here, though. And to all of you, I say THANKS!

    In my humble opinion, this site is still one of the very best exjw places to be a part of. I'm glad it's here and that I'm still allowed to post the few posts I can make.

  • RubaDub

    Yes, I was definitely given a warm welcome.

    And we were even offered a free home bible study.

    Rub a Dub

  • Twitch

    I didn't start with a "I'm new here" topic; I just started posting.

    A couple people noticed I was new and welcomed me, which was nice. I try to do the same for noobs from time to time.

  • wings
    I was considered for many months into (for some) years as a fraud and a troll!

    You're not?

  • snowbird

    Yes, I was.

    And I STILL remember those who did so.


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