When You Were a JWD Newbie - Were You Shown a Warm Welcome ?

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  • hillary_step


    No, I was not. The Board was a much wilder place in those days, so I got an indecent amount of kicking when I suggested that people should not bully others and talk nicely to each other. I took the Board more seriously than I should have and got a rapid lesson in reality.

    I deserved the kicking and welcomed it. It helped to expunge the last vestiges of cultic thinking that contaminated my psyche.

    I also learned very quickly the foolishness of attempting to judge character online. AlanF had a somewhat fearsome reputation online, being variously described as an arrogant, bullying, name-calling piece of dog waste by those who grappled with him. When I met him I found him to be one of the most humble, patient, kind and smart people that I had met. Like myself he does not suffer fools gladly, but he also helped numerous people to see the light about the WTS, I confidently say more so than any other person who has posted about the subject online.

    The issue is all about growing up emotionally after years in a system that viewed the individual as pap. Sometimes, as in my case, we need some help doing this along the way.


  • Quirky1

    Absolutely without a doubt.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Yes, I was a newbie back last November when the NBC pedophile story aired and was quickly welcomed. My first thread was sharing the news of the cancellation of Keep on the Watch! January campaign and it was well received.

  • Honesty

    They were warm and friendly and didn't love bomb me so I hung out with them.

  • wings

    Yes. A connection that changed my life.

    However, then I fell into the "not so newbie" class and found a hard time connecting to people on this board. My posts went out into cyber space, and seemed to return to me empty. I had to spend time (that I didn't have) trying to figure out the personalities and the dynamics of this board. I am sensitive to those in that space.

    It is funny, but when I posted a picture of myself as my avitar, I got more responses than before. Don't know if that is some sort of internet dynamic, or just a coincidence with me. Anyway, it took time (posts, interaction) to get to where I was developing relationships with others here. PM's I think should be more encouraged with the new ones. I try to do that.


  • blondie

    I posted for the first time in the wild days and at least wasn't jumped on but ignored. Too many hot topics. Eventually, greeting new ones started to be done more often.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Yes, I was warmly welcomed but then sort of faded into thread killer land. I learned that to get PM's I have to send one first. I'm so happy to be here, though

  • flipper

    Thanks for all the good responses ! I'll respond to each of you .

    GOPHER- I feel it is a good tradition to adopt as you did welcoming newbies - kind of giving back what we received from others in a good way !

    MOMZCRAZY- I'm glad you were welcomed warmly ! Like your posts !

    CASPAR- Hey Cas ! How ya doin'? Things are going well for my wife and me ! I enjoy your takes on things and how helpful and caring you are to those with problems ! Glad you got a warm welcome when you came back to posting more !

    OTWO- I agree with you. I think all of us are bitter as ex-witnesses , but with more time away from the JW cult we become less bitter and more compassionate and feel sorry for witnesses still trapped in it ! Sounds like Ex- Witless made you feel very comfortable .

    SEARCHING FOR FRIENDS- Nice to have you and your boyfriend here . Glad you were warmly welcomed ! Look forward to knowing you better and reading your posts too .

    STILLA JW EXELDER- Good ! Glad you were warmly welcomed.

    CHANGELING- So you jumped in on Seeker 4's thread ! LOL! You were a spunky little girl even then, eh ? LOL! ( In a good way, I mean ! ) LOL!

    FLYING HIGH NOW- Although you were initially dissed on the board , I'm glad somebody put out a welcoming thread for you. It is hard to keep up with newbies joining. So many are joining in - it's great !

    YKNOT- I'm glad you were treated kindly !

    HILLARY STEP - Sorry you weren't welcomed warmly when you first joined the board. You stated, You " deserved the kicking " for suggesting people not bully others and be nice ? I don't think you deserved that - you were trying to do a good thing. You were just trying to help. I agree we can't judge others just on what they post on the board - that's why PM's and phone calls are good. I've talked on the phone with lots of great people on the board.

    QUIRKY- Great, glad you got a warm welcome !

    BILLY the ex-BETHELITE- I'm glad your first thread was well received ! And that you were warmly welcomed.

    HONESTY- Warmly welcomed and made friends ! Great !

    WINGS- I'm glad posting on the board changed your life. It takes time for some people to warm up to us . I too enjoy PMing people on board and even the telephone ! It's great.

    BLONDIE- Back in the " wild days " ? I have heard the board was wilder back then in discussions. I'm glad eventually you were welcomed though !

    WHITE DOVE- I'm glad you were warmly welcomed and we are happy you are here. I feel P.M.'s are really important too in getting to know people

  • LouBelle

    I got a warm hello from some. It took a while to get to "know" people and get responses from them. But I"m quite happy now.

    I make sure that I do welcome new ones and offer support if I can.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Yes. Although others who arrived around the same time as me seem to attract more attention, that doesn't bother me. Those who shout "me me me!" tend to receive more attention, positive and negative.

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