When You Were a JWD Newbie - Were You Shown a Warm Welcome ?

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  • dinah
    dinahRe: Hours of work, to get those talks right, and most people were not listening

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    I was a whiz at getting talks together. Of course, I'm a sister and ours are so hokey-----why bother. Nobody would listen to us anyway. I used to like to volunteer when the assigned sister didn't show up. It let me think on my feet. I've actually gotten talks together in 10 minutes, of course all us sisters had to do was tie 4 scriptures together-----OH and try to make natural gestures while sitting at a table. Arrggghhhhhhh. That sales meeting, MInistry School is just one of the many things I don't miss.

    This was my first post

  • dinah
  • Quandry

    Well, I did not really have a thread to introduce myself. I was of the "heart pounding and hand shaking as I first posted" variety and I think I posted on one of Barbara Anderson's threads. I was hurting badly and so dissilutioned.....while at the same time thinking that the earth might swallow me up for my disobedience to the WTS dictates about the internet......

    But a couple of people noticed I was new and welcomed me and so here I am. I also try to welcome new ones. My there are so many. To any I may have missed, WELCOME TO THE FORUM!!!

  • Dagney

    Yes I sure did. And it meant a lot.

    I am afraid I have not been so responsive to new ones. I have limited time on here and I know I miss many newbie posts and other posts of interest.

    But I am happy this is such an active board, and appreciate having a place to come to and meet likeminded persons.

    Thanks again to Simon and all the mods for their hard work.

  • flipper

    SUMMER- Too bad you were welcomed by a lurking troll initially ! But at least some gave you a warm welcome !

    DINAH- I'm glad you've been able to get through your " collateral damage " in time sis ! And that you received some warm welcomes as well.

    QUANDRY- I think a lot of us were nervous about first posting sis ! I hope some of your hurt has healed for you. There sure are a lot of new people posting these days !

    DAGNEY- I'm glad you were welcomed warmly. I know what it's like to have limited time , so I totally understand. Simon has done a good job on getting this board together ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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