When You Were a JWD Newbie - Were You Shown a Warm Welcome ?

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    I was wellcome from some (maybe five or six), and it had surprise me such wellcome. It feels good to have a good recepction.

    it is true that i felt also some suspicion, but that was a natural thing as i did not gave informations about myself and post new informations

    So the balance is good.

    Thanks everybody

  • minimus

    Johnny Cip, clearly has issues with me and a number of other people in his life. Why he thinks I'm a liar and uses the profanity he does toward me is something I don't quite understand. I have expressed to him here that I think he's got a few screws loose based upon his collective comments. But I don't hate this guy. I think he just believes there's the right way, (John's) and the wrong way-(whoever disagrees with him). He's intolerant and quite opinionated. But I think, Flipper, you tried to calm him down on your thread and hopefully he'll refrain from being so obnoxious.

    Flipper, I must say that you have set a wonderful example in your welcoming of newbies!!!

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I was treated nicely when I joined up and declared my presence.

    Thanks gang!

  • BurnTheShips

    Yes I did.

  • mrsjones5

    Yes, I think I got a warm welcome. jozb5 is the first name I had here:

  • greendawn

    I wasn't welcomed or put off when I first posted in 2004 on the forum, at the time there was apparently no custom for welcoming newbies nor of viewing them with suspicion as seems to have been the case in the early years. My entry here went basically unperceived but I got to know some of the people here through the chat facility that existed back then.

  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It

    I don't think I really announced myself -- just made a few comments where I was interested. Several said hey but I didn't expect anything. It is the Intarweb after all.

    I got more reaction from topics and posts I started later.

    I no longer go to meetings but I haven't completely distanced myself from the JWs -- too many family issues there. So, I stay pretty anonymous.

    -- Not Showing It

  • IMustBreakAway

    I was warmly welcomed, and happy to have a place to vent. I will say that it is difficult to maintain close ties and welcomes and such in a online community that is so large. Most forums last a max of four years before conflicts start ripping them apart. So... Good Job!

  • flipper

    LAYLA- There are a lot of people here to keep track of for sure ! I think it's virtually impossible ! I'm glad you were treated nicely and have meshed with some good folks here ! I enjoy your posts ! You are very smart .

    SKEETER 1- I think a lot of us are fearful of initially getting caught by witness family members when we first start posting. It's good you kept a low profile and were careful.

    JW RESEARCH- I'm glad you were welcomed nicely too - and I agree posting on the internet is a bit scary at first - it's easy to be suspicious , but after awhile our fears are calmed down when we meet nice people.

    MINIMUS- I understand what you are saying here about the situation with Johnny Cip. Also I appreciate your kind words . I'll PM you soon after posting this. Look for it.

    TIRED of the HYPOCRISY- Glad you were treated nicely !

    BURN the SHIPS- Glad you also were treated nice.

    MRS. JONES- It seems you had also a lot of good responses to your first thread ! Cool.

    GREENDAWN- I think sometimes people enter the board incognito at times and aren't noticed - however I'm glad you got noticed in time , because you have great posts and takes on things !

    NOT FEELING IT- It's good to stay anonymous and be careful. I'm happy that people respond to your threads and topics. I certainly know about the family issues with the witnesses - as I have family still in too.

    I MUST BREAK AWAY- I am glad you were warmly welcomed and have a place to vent. I too think it's important to have that as well. This JWD forum works really well I believe ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • *summer*

    actually, a troll named "winter" decided to appear at the same time i made my first official appearance on this forum. so it did not go too well...

    but a few posters were kind enough to send pm's telling me they believed i was not a troll. for goodness sake, i did not even know what a troll was!!!

    so yes, some gave me a warm welcome...some not!

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