The JWD stigma about being "nice"

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  • LouBelle

    I think I fall into the warm & fuzzy catagory - simply because I am a warm person by nature. The fact that I don't get involved in the intellectual debates all that often is 1. I don't want too 2. they literally will repost somebodys' post and then proceed to repost certain sections and answer. 3. I don't believe most of what they say 4. sometimes it's ""fake"" intelligence - anyone can google anything and copy paste.

  • Hope4Others

    Well I am geniunely nice, yet I am not a push over, I will stand up for my rights and I will always help the under dog. I can be like a mother bear protecting her cubs.

    I'm Irish "We don't know what the hell we want, but we fight like hell to get it". lol

    We all have had much in common at one time as a jw. I do not look at it any differently now, We still all have a bond.

    Proud member of the Cuddly Club!


  • ninja

    shut up the lot of starts digging his bunker....he he

  • changeling

    So, Bizzy Bee, you make your living as a writer.

    I hope that you are not a book reviewer, for I fear you may soon be out of a job.

    Such a position requires not only good writing skills, but reading skills as well. It would seem you are lacking in the later as you totally misunderstood the meaning and intention of my posts.

    I will not re-hash my intentions now, as it is a waste of precious time. If anyone is interested in knowing why I started this thread and how I feel about the subject, I sugest they simply read my posts.

    So, I was wondering, how exactly do you make your living? A "poison pen" column, perhaps?

    Peace out


    PS: Ninja: your advice was sound. Yesterday I had resolved not to post on here again. Forgive my weakness, and if I post again, feel free to "cyber slap" me. :)

  • wings

    Bizzy Bee, correct me if I am wrong. I'm sure you will. I don't know all the you said, she said crap that has gone down here over this subject that is now getting the hell beat out of it. Seems to me we are discussing road kill at this point....

    .....and my point is.....this thread was a response to HS categorizing posters into groups. Cuddly Club? Challenging didn't come up with that, she just was venting about how it feels to be categorized.

    So what is so wrong with that? I just don't get what your issue is.

    wings (here for your response if you care to make one)

  • BizzyBee

    And one thing that seems to be a constant around here is the mentality of some very intelligent and knowledgeble ones (in their own minds at least) that if you are "nice" you are some how emotionally needy and/or not too bright.

    I don't think the "happy people" on the board have anything against people with high IQ's. So, why do some of these intellectual giants feel the need to put down "warm and fuzzy " people and the topics they chose to discuss? If they want a forum where only science and deep doctrine are discussed, why don't they start one? Until they do, why can't we all be tolerant of each other and our different interests and perspectives, without trashing each other?

    And where did the idea that to be intellectual you must be rude and cold originate anyway?

    The original post, above, makes assumptions about categories of people (highlighted). Those are behavioral characteristics - "nice" people are sometimes mean and "intellectual" people are sometimes dumb. Unless you name the poster(s) in question, and/or give an example of what you mean, it is hard to defend against such a generalization. I guess what confused me about that is that I never thought that being "nice" was incompatible with being "intellectual" and I haven't noticed anyone else doing that either. I just don't see the correlation. I personally don't fit either of the categories that Changeling is trying to construct - clearly I am not of the Cuddle Club, nor am I one of the brains around here. But it seems that anyone trying to disagree with (or just understand) your position are to be tossed into the category of "mean," "cold," or "bully."

    But, perhaps I misunderstood. It wouldn't be the first time. And I apologize for being a bit harsh in my previous post.

    The Brief History of the Cuddle Club: A few months ago, there was a disagreement amongst posters about how best to respond to the self-destructive behavior of a particular poster. The poster in question had, himself, specifically asked to have "his ass kicked." Some obliged. Others, being "nice," sent to the poster and then turned around and so viciously attacked the ass-kickers for being "mean" that some of their posts had to be deleted. HS pointed out the incongruity of the situation (Hillary-ously, of course!) and nicknamed the "nice" ones the "Cuddle Club."

    BTW, I am a proposal writer and have developed the habit of being picky (but not perfect) about words and context.

  • quietlyleaving

    I get it now. Thanks for explaining

  • BizzyBee
    this thread was a response to HS categorizing posters into groups.

    Was this done in another thread? I must have missed it. I thought HS was simply responding to changeling's premise in this thread.

    Edited to add:

    Never mind, I think I found it. The BurntheShips thread? That's what this was about?

  • Twitch

    I don't consider myself "nice" or "mean" exclusively and view others the same way. Even the "nicest" person has a bit of the devil in him and the "meanest" ones often have insight worthy of recognition. We're all just humans being.

    As for who should be what on this board, that's all opinion IMO. The mods have the authority and right on certain things acceptable to the general public; the rest is up for grabs. There are no rules on "how it should be". It just is.

  • wings

    Never mind, I think I found it. The BurntheShips thread? That's what this was about?

    that's what I thought.

    Now that that is solved, and I am stuck in about a group hug? .

    GOOD VENTING GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!

    HS might just be sorry he started this "club" thing....I can see all KINDS of humor possibilities. I could start the "stuck in red club" for instance for those of us who are more technically challenged.

    Any other ideas? I'm liking the red.

    wings (red for now)

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