CONFIRMED Book Study amalgamated with the TMS and SM

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  • garybuss

    The book study had poor attendance and it was cancelled.

    What's the message in this? :-)

    Say goodbye to service meeting . . .


  • undercover

    So I go away for a few days and new rumors abound...

    I've seen on this thread and on others where some think that this is a good thing for dubs, in that they get another free night, etc.

    While, on the surface that may seem like a perk, to have an extra night off, I think, if this rumored plan is correct, that it's actually a tightening of the control. Bookstudies are already the least attended meeting. In addition, the meetings are in a more relaxing atmosphere (usually) and there are more chances for entertaining (i.e. "goodie night") or letting loose a little. It's also the easiest way for closet apostates to infiltrate and drop hints or question teachings, causing the other attendees (those that do come) to question or doubt.

    By eliminating this meeting night (but not the meeting) they can control the atmosphere and protocol of the meeting by combining it with the other existing KH meetings. Take away the one relaxed meeting in warm, friendly settings complete with snacks once in a while and force them to corral into the cold, unfriendly confines of a KH for all their spiritual food indoctrination.

    I can't help but be cynical about this, but I can't see the WTS letting up on the followers and giving them more time to themselves. I see this as an oppurtunity to get them away from the relaxed, less controlled atmosphere and steer them to the Kingdom Hall for proper, WTS sanctioned control. Even with one less meeting night, they'll still jam all that material down their throats and make them feel guilty for not being prepared or for not sharing in answering.

  • Mulan
    very interesting topic. I have a copy of the letter that is to be read on sunday 27; and it's about the convention hotel problems. However, one more free night during the week sounds good.

    Not the bookstudy thing..............didn't anyone read the above comment?

  • sir82
    Not the bookstudy thing..............didn't anyone read the above comment?

    There are apparently 2 announcements to be made on 4/ on staying at the proper hotels (I too have seen that letter) and another one, more mysterious, which was given to POs only. I have not seen that letter. Most plausible theory present on the DB is that that 2nd announcement has to so with combining meeting & eliminating private CBS's.

  • footstepfollower
    think the voting "allowing" is only in countries where it is required by law or highly emotional. In the US it is still voluntary.

    A C.O. a few years ago mentioned many misunderstood that KM here in the states.

    I see that KM as basically a compromise for 'brothers' in countries where the laws are tough on voting. 'Sure, you can vote, if you have a gun to your head, (as long as you vote for Jesus)'.

    There is no doubt that they are not really allowing voting, they still dissuade it but they are making it "easier" just like this meeting schedule. Before this article in 1999 your only choice was to eat a bullet in that situation or you were df'd for b3eing unfaithful. The trend is for a softening on these restrictions and such softening will piss the zealots off. Old-timers are going to be livid over this new arrangement, all the kids will cheer (guess who the demograph for the change is)

  • footstepfollower

    I also have good insider information on the letter being that of the new bookstudy arrangement. No question in my mind that is what it is. I heard it here first then went to a reliable source and confirmed it today. We will just say the look of horror in his eyes of me knowing this gave it away.

    It will be heralded as such a loving provision by Jehovah! This move will boost morale.

  • vivalavida

    Hi, I've also heard from a brother the following: "Let's see what is waiting for us in the special letter from the FDS this next sunday. Changes are always interesting! Let us see what happens" He did not elaborate. However what I consider interesting is that we are in Germany in a foreign language congregation. vivalavida!

  • restrangled

    Despite my skepticism about this Book study finale, I couldn't help but ask my mom today if she had heard there will be an important announcement this Sunday. She had no idea, but was eager to hear what I learned on the "apostate website"......I told her it was just a rumour and not to be blabbing about it.....she was chomping at the bit to hear!

    After I gave her the info, she was shocked, and then said she was relieved....(the book study is in her home).....and then said, I hope the service meeting isn't going to be longer, it will be too much.....and by the way I wish you would stay off of those apostate websites.

    So you have the first response from a 70 year lifetime JW.


  • minimus


    The next step should be to make a few large centers with a live feed so that people can either watch the services on a closed circuit tv or go to assemblies and be a part of the scene. Before you know it, KHs will be no longer needed.

  • Quirky1

    IMO, it will still be 5 meetings.

    They will utilize the extra time to boost field circus.

    It will boost attendance and revenue with a mega-meeting.

    They will claim this being the "Green" thing to do for Earth since they will be saving gas.


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