CONFIRMED Book Study amalgamated with the TMS and SM

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  • chickpea

    i am relatively certain this has already been said but i just KNOW that the hue and cry from the the majority of the R&F will spin it to be a loving provision at the appropriate time.... prompted by the the spirit led and one true channel aka FDS

  • JH

    This will permit JW's to work more and maybe contribute more money.

  • flipper

    I'm sure this has been mentioned- but it's just a way to give a false impression to their punching of numbers in the meeting attendance. They are worried so many aren't attending Book Studies regularly - so why not combine that smaller meeting with the school and service meeting ? It's the governing bodies grasping effort to beef up dropping meeting attendance

  • greenhornet

    it will be because there will only be 4 weekly meetings, instead of five. now that means they can't use that illustration of the hand. That is represents the meetings and you need to hold on with all five fingers otherwise your grip isn't as strong... I remember that! The book study was the pinky.

  • asilentone

    green hornet, they will still be 5 meetings, but they will meet on only two days a week.

  • greenhornet

    It doesn't matter any more with me. I lost all my fingers over 12 years ago!! LOL

  • loosie
    They would be if they knew. Sadly, at this time only we apostates and selected elders have this secret information.

    I think some so called apostates should those in know that Tuesday night will be free again.

    In my area tues night there are classes at the library about how to find info on the internet. After the annoucement someone could pass out a schedule of classes at the library on tuesday nights. Maybe ghost hunters will on tuesday night so they can watch it now. lol

  • stillajwexelder

    Wow - if true - dynamite. JWD once again breaks the news - from Randy Watters?

  • M.J.

    Did they at one time have even more than 3 meeting days per week?

  • yesidid
    Wow - if true - dynamite. JWD once again breaks the news - from Randy Watters

    Stilla I can assure you, there is no question about it being the truth. My source is impecable.

    This is not the first time he has given me advanced knowledge.

    The question I cannot answer is WHY? WHY? WHY?


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