CONFIRMED Book Study amalgamated with the TMS and SM

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  • oompa

    The book study will have 25m and it will be done before the school ministry

    One less meeting per week

    Why do I have the feeling they will STILL claim 5 meetings a week, and just to prove it, everyone will get to sing an extra song between them!!! What fun..............oompa

  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    << That makes the Thurs meeting longer. As I recall, the meeting was 1:45. Now it will be 2:15? Blech. >>

    I do not think they will do that, they would have the pubs jumping out the windows!!!

    They will remove some of the current load to accomodate the 25 minute book study I think.

    And as has already been mentioned - the pubs will be advised to use the time for study / ministry etc, but I can tell you now - in the UK alot of live football (soccer) is on Tuesday nights. The brothers in the hall will be pretty happy with this change.

  • cinnamon1642

    I think they could have a schedule something like this. I saw on another post the book study will be 25 minutes, school 30 minutes, and service meeting 35 minutes with a total meeting time of 1hr 45 min with songs and prayer. This could be a sample schedule:

    Song Prayer - 5 Minutes

    Congregation Book Study - 25 Minutes

    Instruction Talk- 5 Minutes

    Bible Highlights w/comments - 8 Minutes

    Talk 2 - 4 Minutes

    Talk 3 - 5 Minutes

    Talk 4 - 5 Minutes

    (3 minutes total to counsel students)
    (School Total - 30 minutes)

    Song 5 Minutes

    Service Meeting - 35 Minutes

    Song Prayer 5 Minutes

    Total Meeting Time 1 Hours 45 Minutes

  • OnTheWayOut
    My guess is in January 2009. Revelation book is ending soon in the book studies.

    That's a good call. They would finish out the current posted schedules for
    weekly book study and the TMS and come out with something different.

    You JWD guys have got to stop giving them good ideas. I have heard this
    here before- combine the three meetings into one evening by making them

    They are statistics driven. They see the meeting attendance suffering and
    want to give the members something easier to bite off and chew. They tried
    to liven up the TMS back in 2002 (?) but it really isn't much different. They
    probably moved their stockpile of old books in the Brooklyn warehouse so
    they don't want to study old books AGAIN. It's easier to shorten the meeting
    and publish one new book every now and again for the book study.

    While it is a good thing in the long run (celebration among the dubs for freeing
    up an evening), they can now pressure them not to miss the mega-meeting.
    They can also better assess how many congs. to cram into each hall as
    no backrooms are needed for the book study.

    Hey, this helps faders to fade. It's one less small meeting to miss. It's less
    pressure to comment. It's the ability to be less hounded by your bookstudy

    Next major changes- Stockpiles of old books have dwindled. Switch the
    members to offering tracts primarily and only putting a book in the hands of
    highly potential converts.

  • cinnamon1642

    Anyone heard if they will read the paragraphs in that 25 minute book study or if it will just have the paragraphs covered in order to get through the material faster? If all the paragraphs were read it seems that they could only get through a subheading or two each week and it would take a long time to cover a book.

    Perhaps this idea has been in the works for awhile at Brooklyn though because if you look at the book "Come Be My Follower" there are many more subheadings in that book, so it makes it easier to split up the chapter every few paragraphs, for a shorter study like this. That may have been planned in the writing of that book.

  • Robert7

    "This just shows you how close we really are to the end"

  • Jim_TX

    I haven't been to a 'Tuesday night bookstudy' in a long time, but seem to remember them as being less formal as the meetings held at the KH.

    After the meetings, there was usually a bit of social interaction among the folks.

    Could it be that one reason it is being eliminated is that they are trying to clamp down on any social interactions that are going on 'off campus'? (That is - outside the KH)

    Of course... it will eliminate the poor folks having to clean up their homes each week for 'company'.


    Jim TX

  • cinnamon1642

    It will help them keep better control on the book study too. Likely they will choose a hardcore conductor that is known for strictly sticking to the material, not introducing outside material or views, and good about covering it all. The bookstudy overseer we have now whips through the lesson in about 30-45 minutes, rarely mentions to look up a scripture, never points to auxilary information like in teaching boxes etc.

    This way if the bs conductor was like that they could put a quick stop to it, or replace him with someone who better meets their standards.

  • LouBelle
    it will be because there will only be 4 weekly meetings, instead of five.

    now that means they can't use that illustration of the hand. That is represents the meetings and you need to hold on with all five fingers otherwise your grip isn't as strong...

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Since this has not been announced at the Kingdom Halls yet, I think it would be fun for us to visit as many internet JW sites and youtube presentations as possible and leave a comment that apostates are now predicting that the book study will be a new part of the TMS/SM meeting.

    People will insist that we're full of crap, and then it will happen.

    See ya, gotta go make some posts!

    OK, I'm back. YouTube only allows a user to post five comments, then begins popping up warnings that the commenting limit has been exceeded. So I am asking YOU -- yes, YOU -- to log in to YouTube, do a search for "Jehovah's Witnesses," sort the list by VIEW COUNT (so that the most popular videos will get comments on them) and post a comment like this:

    Soon in the USA, the book study meeting will be combined with the theocratic ministry school and service meeting; part of the move to less total meeting time each week. I know this is true because I read about it on JWD.

    Try to put the message on non-apostate youtube videos so that active, loyal JWs will see the message.

    Don't worry if the site has to "approve" the message before it appears; it will be seen by at least one JW, and that plants a virus...

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