CONFIRMED Book Study amalgamated with the TMS and SM

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  • anewme

    I am happy for them if it eases up on the stressful theocratic schedule they endure.
    But sad for me that I endured the book study in my home for 20 years.
    I worked very hard to get the home ready for 20-25 people every Thursday evening Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I even mowed the big lawns out front and back and made cookies and refreshments.

    ALL FOR WHAT?????

    It wasnt until about the year I left I became aware how truly tired people were to come to our house.
    My home was humble and my husband and I were not the socialites of the hall.
    The teens asked their parents if they could move to another book study to be with their friends.
    At one point it seemed we had all the misfits in our book study. I looked around the room at one point and saw Sis. Too Blind To Drive who still drove and brought her bible study from the rest home.
    There was the single sister with her three teenage daughters who you could tell were hell bent on leaving the JWs as soon as they could either get a drivers license or get prego.
    We had the odd single brothers in their 40s who were only interested in virgin sisters who were 16-18 years of age. And then there was me, a true weirdo looking back, who felt obliged to always entertain the "friends" with funny but stupid pet tricks my parrot, cockatiel or dog learned that week. (Many of the "friends" would excuse themselves citing allergies as the reason they had to leave early afterwards)
    I admit we were a freak show book study.
    My dog would sneak in underneath the lamp table and lick his balls during the study, drawing away attention from my husband trying to conduct the Rev Book for the third time.
    And when I moved out in 2001 I found lots of gum stuck underneath my lamp table by the sofa. (Those darn teenagers) It was dismaying to come to the realization that all that effort was for nothing in the end.

    I was in that org for 35 years and not one friend or family member has tried to contact me since my leaving. That is how much they care for their own necks and skins. The Watchtower and its teachings
    makes them that way.

    Because before 1975 the book study was very exciting! We would stay up way past 10pm and have
    tea and talk about the future in the New System soon to come and how we would have to endure
    much torture and some deprivation beforehand to inherit the promise.

  • shopaholic


    Your post was hilarious!!!.

    We had the odd single brothers in their 40s who were only interested in virgin sisters who were 16-18 years of age.

    And I remembers these brothers and running from them.

  • sf

    Good move TED. Yes, you had better start ultimately controlling the masses. Besides, we all know, and knew, that Book Study was a dangerous risk for truly independant thinkers, or potentially so. It's about time you realized just that. Now they will all be at the kh, well controlled. Yet TED, it won't work. Not in the Long Run. Again brother, nice try. By the way, the Nations Shall Know...soon. sKally

  • BizzyBee


    That was a kick-ass post! I laughed, I nearly cried.

    What a life - spending Tuesday nights watching a dog lick his balls. And that was probably the highlight of the study.

    But it is a reminder of how much time and energy is wasted on the BIG LIE that Jehovah's Witnesses been fed - that THEY, of billions and billions of people ever born on this earth - THEY have Almighty God's favor. And how do they manifest this divine blessing? Sitting in a humble home, watching a dog lick his balls every Tuesday night and thinking that they are actually 'studying' the book of Revelation.


  • belbab

    A couple of quick comments:

    We need to anticipate the Biblical explanation for the books study change that the WT will spoon out the the congregants.

    Do you remember how the WT interpreted this text in one of the two books about Isaiah?

    Isaiah 26:20 "Go, my people, enter into your interior rooms, and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourself for but a moment until the denunciation passes over.

    They said that it very well could be that the interior rooms were the Kingdom Halls. It would be in Kingdom Halls that the faithful -to -the- end -JWs would pass through Armageddon.

    So out with the book study at the homes without central control. Take refuge in the windowless Kingdom Halls.

    Also the School and the Service mtg could be amalgamated by having the students prepare talks for the service meeting and thus killing two birds with one stone.

    Nathan Natas:

    I suggest you add "Reliable official sources have indicated that.." the beginning of any comments posted on U tube.


  • still_in74
    If they are over the moon, it will be because there will only be 4 weekly meetings, instead of five.

    no no no... it will still be 5 meetings, just 3 on one night instead of 2. This way it sounds like less of a change.... cmon, we all know how it works ;)

  • grassyknoll07

    very interesting topic. I have a copy of the letter that is to be read on sunday 27; and it's about the convention hotel problems. However, one more free night during the week sounds good.

  • footstepfollower

    I am so intrigued by this but the simple question is why? Why do I still care?

  • Tuesday

    Blondie's explaination sounds the most plausable but I do have another theory to add. Bear in mind just a theory but I think it could be possible. Sundays people mostly have off of work, especially Sunday mornings, this would mean that working people would only have to free up one night per week for meetings which means they'll be able to either get better jobs due to the new freedom in their schedule or work more hours which in the end would increase donations to the organization. I'll chalk it up to a percentage of greater donations, but there are probably more reasons as well.

  • bavman

    If this is true, all I have to say is this came at least five years too late. All those years I had to suffer through three screwed up nights. Now only two nights are screwed up for the dubbies...

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