CONFIRMED Book Study amalgamated with the TMS and SM

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  • Juan Viejo
    Juan Viejo

    There is also the possibility, however remote, that the WTBTS has been concerned that the informal Tuesday night book studies might have been the source of some independent thinking.

    Even 40+ years ago, when I was briefly a Book Study Servant, there was a lot more informal discussion about the subject at hand. More questions were asked and many more personal opinions were offered. Sometimes a newer JW or a non-baptized participant would have questions about the understanding of some particular teaching or event.

    It appears that it was first a Book Study group that decided to expand their Bible reading and research that led to the "grand apostacy" that culminated in Ray Franz's leaving Bethel and eventual disfellowshipping.

    By bringing everyone to the Kingdom Hall, the local elders have more control over the conduct of the book studies and can limit discussion to the material in the assigned paragraphs. In other words, it would be just like the Watchtower Study, except they would use a recent book publication and it would be a shorter meeting.


  • cyberguy

    I would be very surprised if they did this, but nothing would shock me now. They have follows that go to the KH with the same addiction of people on a heroin fix! Since the “book study” attendance is on a decline, I suppose this would be an easy way to deal with this problem. Therefore, the “service meeting” could be reduced to 10 minutes, and the “book study” will be, let’s say, 35 minutes. This would be my guess. Of course, nothing is lost since all prophesies have their “grand fulfillment” in 1918-1919!

  • yesidid
    I would be very surprised if they did this

    You only have a few days to wait.

  • frisbee

    could there be a legal aspect to all this problems with home insurance not covering formal religious meetimgs being held in homes where money is contributed or the home being an extension of the KH

  • tijkmo

    and there is an oppurtunity to sing 4 songs

  • steve2

    Worldwide, within milliseconds of the announcement, hundreds of weary sisters will heave a sigh of relief that their jerks-for-husbands won't be harrassing them about getting the house clean and tidy minutes before the book study starts. Some of them won't have worn such big smiles for decades!

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