I had about 8 birthday/Christmases before mom started studying. Grew up in divided household. For those of you that have never experienced that, it's never a good scenario. My loyalties were constantly challenged between my mom, dad, brothers, aunts and uncles. Felt very pressured and got baptized at 19. Met my best friend and married him. MissingLink and I have been married since 1990. Was stupidly loyal to the WTS and shunned hubby's sister for 17 years. Also, put education and loads of other interests on hold for the new system. Almost didn't have kids. Thank goodness I woke up to "the truth" before I got too old. We have two cool kids now. Decided to take time off from meetings and concentrate on real investigative study at the end of 2007. We haven't been to a meeting since April '08. Even though we've made a few attempts to visit our closest friends, they've withdrawn from us. The elders haven't rung or stopped to see us so I guess we're just considered inactive at the Hall. We are actually done and never going back.